How to Build Upper Body Strength for Beginners at Home in 2023

Everyone if not most people desire to have a fit body. This desire is instigated by the advantages that are brought about by keeping fit which include; stress reduction, improved digestion, improved sex life, low chances of cancer as the body is made active, building and retaining of muscles especially when age catches up and muscle loss becomes a problem, to the ladies and men who mind their skin, it improves the skin by allowing blood circulation to the skin and last but not least it improves mental capabilities as to work out, one needs to engage the brain.

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How to Build Upper Body Strength for Beginners at Home

 The upper body simply refers to the triceps, biceps, chest, back, upper part of the back, and outer shoulder. For beginners at home, they will need elaborate exercises or rather routines that are easy to master but quite effective and with low chances of injury. This is to enable them to stick to these routines as the comfort of home can be very detrimental to the exercise. What most do not understand is that one can build strength without the help of any equipment or not going to the gym. By simply manipulating the body, one can create enough resistance to grow and build muscle. Read more How to Use an Elliptical Machine to Lose Weight of 2021?

However, discipline is very paramount to achieve the ultimate goal hence the need to focus on the following; progressive overload, to build, one has to add onto something which in this case can mean increasing the number of sets or reps. Maintaining the rest periods short to increase the time of focus on the particular muscle. Making sure a set is completed to fatigue to enable the tear of the muscle and in the long-run growth of the same muscle since for growth, the muscles have to tear first and paying attention to compound movements other than isolation movements.

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Here are the best upper body exercises at home for beginners:

Chest exercises at home

How to Build Upper Body Strength for Beginners

This can be accomplished without equipment or with equipment as simple as a dumbbell

1. Diamond pushups

            With your body in a plank position, position your hands too close together and make a diamond shape with your fingers then keeping your back flat lower your chest to touch the floor or close to the floor then press up to your initial starting position.

2. Decline press-up

            This can be made possible by a bench, chair, or stairs. Place your legs on the bench or chair or stair with your hands on the floor Infront of you. Proceed to lower your body to almost touching the floor then while squeezing your chest raise your body back to your initial starting position. For beginners, you can have two sets of 8 reps each and a 10-sec break.

3. Incline press-up

3 sets

8 reps

15sec break

From the decline press up you already have an idea of what incline press up is, place your arms apart on a bench such that they exceed your shoulder. With your legs firmly on the floor lower your chest to touch the bench then push your body to the starting position.

4. Wide push-ups

            Assume a plank position with your shoulders, hips, and spine in a straight line. to straighten your back, lengthen your spine being keen not to let your hips sag, and keep your head neutral. Then slowly bend your elbows outwards to enable your chest to descend towards and close to the floor.

The descend should be extreme in that your new chest position is below your elbows. to revert to the start-up position press into your hands. This exercise is to be done in 4 sets each of 10 reps

5. Push uphold

Starting from a push-up position, lock your legs with your hands shoulder-width apart as your back remains straight. Descend your body to a lower position to about 10cm from the ground. tightly tuck your elbows to your sides and maintain the position for 5 seconds gradually graduating to 10 seconds.

6. Dumbbell version

Dumbbell fly

            Lie on a bench with your shoulders and head supported on the same bench. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bending to make a 90-degree angle with the end of the bench. Hold the dumbbell directly above your chest making sure that your palms are facing each other.

Finally, lower the weights to form an arc onto your sides and keep your back straight on the bench. Revert to the start-up position and repeat. Do this in 3 sets of 10 reps until failure

Back workout at home


1. Bird- dog

            As the name suggests, your hands should be firmly planted on the floor with your knees hip-width apart. Lift only one arm in front of you keeping them straight then in turn extend the opposite leg to the raised hand behind you.

Your raised arm and extended leg should form a 180-degree straight line. Hold this position for about 2 seconds then revert to the starting position. Compete 4 sets of 20 reps making sure to alternate the arms after each rep to ensure you focus on both sides of your back.

2. Superman

            Lie on a mat or floor with your face down and your arms outstretch and your legs straight behind you. Breath into your abdomen and flex the same muscles to prepare your core for this workout. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs let’s say to approximately 10 cm of the floor so that your body assumes a bowl shape and holds the position.

Take care to maintain your ears between your arms this is to ensure that your head is in a neutral position and is aligned to your spinal cord to eliminate any chances of strain.

3. Floor glute-ham raise

            In a kneeling position, have someone anchor your ankle to the ground firmly with both hands. For comfort and to avoid injuries, be keen to use a pad under your knees or a floor mat. Prepare to engage your glutes and abs then slowly lower your body to the floor while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Lower yourself until you can no longer control your descent then revert to the starting position using your hands and repeat

4. Plank

            This is very good for the lower back as it focuses on tightening the core. Just like push-ups, plant your hands firmly and directly below your shoulders. Ensure the hands are planted wider than the normal shoulder width. Taking care not to lock or extremely extend your knees, ground your toes into the floor and then squeeze glutes for stability. Like most exercises, the neck should always be neutralized with the spine. This can be achieved by different techniques like fixing your eyes to a spot slightly below your hands to enable your back and head to maintain a straight line.

            There are many variations to the plank like the forearm plank. This tends to be easier as it involves placing forearms on the floor, the arms ought to be parallel to your body and the elbow aligned to the shoulder at shoulder width span. The side plank however is a much difficult variation. It involves stacking one foot on top of the other than using one hand you maintain your body balance to one side. You can raise the other hand or the leg that is not used for support to modify the side plank further to a much more difficult level.

5. Squats

         Stand straight with your feet apart(hip-width) apart. Pull back your shoulders and uplift your chest. To engage the abdominal muscles, exhale then pull your navel into your back. This will stabilize the spine and pelvis. Assume you are sitting on a chair, while keeping your upper body straight as possible, bend your knees. Proceed to lower yourself to the limit while keeping your upper body straight. Take care not to let your knees outstretch your toes rather, try as much as possible to align them.

Arms exercises at home


1. Inchworms

            Stand upright with your feet together then bending at your hips place your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Before you proceed from this position ensure your legs are straight. Walk your hands forward until your body lies parallel to the floor in that it assumes a push-up position. Hold this position for two seconds. Walk towards your hands slowly and once your feet reach your hands raise your body to revert to the starting position. Do this in five reps as a beginner.

2. Arm circles

            This is somewhat the easiest arm exercise because it can be done remotely and at the individual’s discretion. It can easily be done at home in a matter of minutes. To effectively perform this exercise, first, stand akimbo with shoulders apart. Your feet should be at shoulder length apart. If you are not looking into a mirror, ensure that your body is in a t-shape by lifting both arms beside your body.

To start this upper body exercise at home, slowly rotate your arms while paying attention to your shoulders, holding them in a rigid position. Accelerate slowly during the first fifteen circles in a clockwise or forward cycle. Reverse the direction of the rotation and start doing 15 backward rotations.

After making 30 rotations (15 clockwise and 15 anti-clockwise rotations), take a short break of about 30 seconds to one minute depending on your level of fatigue. Upper body workout at home with weights for a beginner, repeat this exercise three times for effective muscle strength.

3. Triceps dips

            After the first sublime exercises that don’t require body weight, extend the intensity of your routine to exercises that include your body weight. Tricep dips are some of the most effective exercises because they require you to lift your body weight and, in the process, lead to greater muscle tear and bigger arms.

While this exercise can be done on the couch, it is better to get a bench, chair, study table, or anything higher from the ground. This gives a long distance for you to lift your weight for proper effectiveness. After identifying the equipment, place your hands shoulder-width apart while reclining backward.

Shift your pelvis and bottom forward to increase the distance between the bottom of your back and the object. This gives you a wider clearance from the furniture, increasing the effective exercise space. Simultaneously bend your legs to a 90-degree angle with your thighs.

To start this arm exercise at home, slowly lower your body down and backward, giving thought to the intensity of your weight and how it feels in your arms. Make 12 reps and take a short break. Repeat this upper body workout at home with weights in three sets for effectiveness.

4. Bicep curl to push press


Another effective arm exercise is the bicep curl which is done effectively with gym weights, but at home, you can use simple tools such as cans of food or bottles filled with water. These bicep curls at home primarily focus on improving the stamina of your biceps. It also improves the stamina of your core and upper body because it lifts the whole chest.

First, stand on your feet with your shoulders hip apart and your back straightened in a rigid posture. Get the equipment you intend to use such as a water bottle filled with a liquid (water). Start lifting the bottle while keeping your elbows close to your body. To effectively curl your biceps, turn your hands outwards so your palm and wrist are pointed towards the sky. Slowly bring the equipment down.

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Final Verdict

Regular exercise is important for your muscle strength and greater body endurance. Exercise tears down muscles, and when the muscles are being rebuilt, greater oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues to help your cardiovascular system. This effectively improves your heart condition and gives your greater strength to carry out normal activities. The advantages of exercise are well documented if you know how to build upper body strength for beginners

From promoting better sleep to boosting your energy and improving your mood, regularly performing exercise is important for your general body health. Some of the most regular home exercises include swimming, running, jogging, or improvising equipment to use as weights. Conducting exercises at home is quite easy and can be conducted at the owner’s discretion

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