5 Best Pull Up Bars Reviews

5 Best Pull Up Bars Reviews
5 Best Pull Up Bars Reviews

Imagine having upper body parts and muscles that are weak or even trying to do pull-ups with the wrong equipment! It is not only dull, but it can also cause a dislocation of your muscles. Having the wrong tools in your gym can not only be tiring, but it also discourages you. With the best pull up bars, you can do your pull-ups at home, in a garage, or anywhere else without a gym instructor. This article reviews the best pull up bars.

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Ideal Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar 

Best Pull Up Bars

Are you looking for a compact home gym that can be used as a doorway pull up bar? Or do you want one that can be turned over to carry out push ups; sit-ups and dips without straining your muscles? I would recommend a perfect fitness multi gym. Here are its features:

Wide Grip Curved Ergonomic Handles

Am almost sure that you need a portable home gym resistance system that relaxes your muscles rather than straining them, and this pull up bar has precisely that. The handles provide choices for wide, close, and hammer grip pull-ups. They are also padded to give comfort when doing sit-ups, push ups, or even dips.

Patented Door Frame Guard

Are you wondering what to do to fit the bar on to your door? You don’t need to worry about your door size since this is the best doorway pull bar with an adjustable design to fit securely on your door frames. It is compatible with door frames up to 33 inches wide and 6 inches deep

300-Pound Weight Capacity

If you are wondering whether the equipment is safe to use with a weight vest, the answer is yes. Multi gym sport is also the most compact and portable choice since it stores up quickly and it is perfect to use in small spaces.


  • Padded handles give comfort and correct form on each exercise
  • ideal for be used as a doorway pull up bar
  • Used for sit-ups, pull-ups push ups, and dips
  • Can be used with weight vests
  • Comes with thick foam pads to help protect door frames
  • Easy to install without drilling
  • They have a one year warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • Maintain foam grip pads feel weak and thin

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Final Verdict

For the perfect upper body exercises, go for ideal fitness multi gym. It is so far the best doorway pull up bar that offers comfort, and that is versatile. It is used for sit-ups, pull-ups, and push ups, and dips and so you don’t need different equipment. You convert any room in your home into a gym hence no worry about the space.

The cost is also affordable, and furthermore, it comes with a warranty of one year. The pull-up bar is also used on the floor workouts comfortably and with the correct form.

Get it; you won’t regret it!

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Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Pull up bar

Door Way Chin Up and Best Pull Up Bars

Could you be looking to train like a pro using the secure and robust exercise trainer that supports tough workouts? The sunny health & fitness doorway chin up and pull up will help you achieve that. It has the best features, as explained below:

Sturdy Chrome Plated Steel Bar

The steel bar is robust and able to offer safe exercise training that supports tough workouts. If the fitness bar is mounted well, it may hold up to 220 pounds hence providing you with full support for pull-up and chin-ups.

Adjustable Length

Are you looking for a perfect pull up bar with a range that you can easily adjust? You are good to go with the sunny health & fitness doorway pull up bar. The bars adjustable length of between 24.5-36.5 inches offers a customized work out for your fitness.

Comfort Grips

When exercising with the best pull up bars, you need to minimize risks of calluses or hand cramping with padded handles at all costs. The sunny health & fitness pull up bars also have non-slip foam grips which are extra long giving you more comfort as well as reduce hand fatigue. To help you perform push ups, you should put the door bar lower to the ground.

Maximum Stability

If you care about durability during chin-ups and sit-ups, then sunny health and fitness pull up bars provide that. It includes weight-bearing brackets, and it also fits into any standard door frame so your door frame size should not give you a headache since it’s well catered.

Easy Storage

Do you need a pull bar that does not consume a lot of your time when setting it up? Go for sunny health & fitness doorway chin-up bar. It is also easy to store it away in your closet when not in use. The adjustable length provides a customized workout for your home and body.


  • Easily adjustable
  • It is easy to set up and to store
  • Very stable
  • Adjustable length
  • Has comfort grips


  • Middle twist can fall out of the bracket
  • cheap material

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Final Verdict

You sure need the best pull up bars that is right for chin-ups and sit-ups, right? The sunny health & fitness chin up and sit up bar has no match. It is one of the best equipment for your gym.

You should have that equipment that is easy to set up, store, and adjust whenever and one that offers maximum stability.

My advice! Go for it and experience the best gym.


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Iron Gym Total upper body workout bar

pull up bar

If you desire to turn any doorway into a personal gym, then an iron gym total upper body workout bar is a perfect choice. This bar fits door frames that are up to 35.4 inches in width. The iron gym pull up bar has several more features which we will discuss in details below:

Grip Options

It offers narrow, wide, extra comprehensive, and neutral grip options at angles for extra strength and muscle workouts that re more focused. With these options, you can be sure to achieve your expected outcome quickly and without much straining. You can also rest assured to use overhand and underhand grips to concentrate on every part of the arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

Hammer Grip Options

Do you want to put more focus and intensity on your back and shoulders? If your answer is yes, then this is the best pull up bar with hammer grips for this outcome. The hammer grips ensure that you exercise your body parts without risk of falling.

Strong and Durable

If you are looking strength and durability if you pull up bars, then the iron gym total upper body work out bar is the ideal equipment for this. However, you can move the bar around without having to fasten it to something permanently.

The Curved Side that Passes through the Doorway

When doing your pull-ups, you need something to secure the pull-up bar in position and to redirect the weight downward. You cannot be comfortable if the workout bar is not redirected well during chi ups also. Whatever your weight, you need not worry since the curved side enables the workout bar to handle someone whose influence is up to 300 pounds.

Measure Up

Works perfectly with all doorways in most homes, but for the avoidance of errors, one can have the measurements of their door frames taken before placing an order. The bar cannot be adjusted, and therefore you need to be sure of the dimensions you require.


  • Installs in seconds
  • Turns any doorway into a personal gym
  • Perfect for pull-ups, push ups, chin-ups, dips, and crunches
  • Three grip positions, narrow, full, and neutral foam grips
  • Includes instruction book


  • Not suitable for very tall people

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Final Verdict

The iron gym pull-up bar is among the most cost-effective, potent, but straightforward equipment for exercise that one can purchase. For a perfect workout, it is a must-have piece for your gym.

In terms of functionality and quality, the iron gym total upper body workout bar is the ideal equipment. For a consistent workout, get yourself this multi functional pull bar. Your chest, arms, and back need to keep fit and gain muscles which you will quickly achieve with this perfect pull bar.

Go for it

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Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar with an upgraded design for 2019 is an excellent addition to your gym for maximum performance right! I bet you need the best wall mounted pull up bar and here comes the right option. Ultimate body press pulls up bar has four grip positions. It also has the features discussed below in details:

New Improvements for 2019

This single-piece pull up bar has an upgraded width of 42 inches, and you can mount it on the risers which help boost durability. You can also expand your workout options in four grip positions for overhand narrow-grip and wide-grip pull-ups.

Superior Workouts

You need a maximum range of movements and this ultimate body press ceiling mounted pull up bar has 14-21 inches of industry-leading wall clearance for this purpose. You will also enjoy long workouts without straining due to the high-density foam grips. The padded grips are also positioned at 10, 16, 24, and 36 inches so that you can obtain the results that you desire.

Firm Mount

This wall mount pulls up bar is the best due to the body press bolts that are ultimately strong for strenuous workouts. The rigid bar gives you the freedom to concentrate on form and repetition so that you achieve optimum results.

Easy to install

It is the best wall mount pull up bar that is designed to assemble quickly at home center wall studs that are 16 inches. You will easily do it yourself with the aid of the instructions manual that comes with it. There is, therefore, need to worry how you will install it since all the hardware, USA tech support and a template for mounting are also inclusive.

Perfect Anchor

The ultimate body press is ultimately the best pull up bar that has body weight resistant trainers, though optional that will help change your drag up bar into a gym for total body weight. You can also purchase complete sets of pull-ups and other competitive exercises separately.

Designed in the USA

The ultimate body press wall mount pulls up bar is created in the USA by a company that commits to offering quality workouts all the time. It provides a 100% guarantee and USA customer service. You should, therefore not be afraid of not getting what you desire to achieve from your workouts since you have their assurance.

A 10-year Warranty

You may be wondering what happens in case your ultimate wall mount pull up bar comes with some factory defects? Worry no more since it comes with a full ten-year warranty thus giving you value for your money.


  • The premium construction of severe results by an ultimate body press
  • Extra stable and stands an industry-leading 14 from the wall
  • Complete hardware, mounting template, instructions, and USA tech support included
  • Easy mounting to 16-inch on-center residential wall studs


  • Poor packaging and quality control

Final Verdict

Doing workout at home does not have to look complicated. You need equipment that installs quickly without consuming much of your precious time and one that is not strenuous. The ultimate body press wall mount pulls up bar is the best option that you can have.

You also need to be covered in case of any factory defects, and that is why this is the best pull up bars since it has a ten-year warranty with the pocket-friendly price that goes a long way to give you the best workouts. It has superior functionality, making exercise feel fun, therefore, helping you achieve your goals of well being, health and fitness.

Why wait! Buy it today and start your fitness journey!


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Portable Pull Up Bar and Dip Station

Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station

The portable power tower best pull up bars come with three resistance bands, a storage bag, and a downloadable exercise manual, and it is red, black. You will need gym equipment that helps you maximize your body exercises. GoBeast is the best pull up bars that helps you achieve your objective. The machine combines both pull up and dip bar, but it also has other essential features as explained below:

More than 35 Exercises

For total body fitness, you need not concentrate on one or a few parts of your body. You will need gym equipment that will give you full-body exercises done simultaneously. GoBeast Pull up Bar Freestanding Dip Station – Portable Power Tower Home Gym Equipment enables you to do push ups, knee raises, pull-ups leg raise, chin-ups, triceps dip body twists among others at the same time. These workouts help you improve your confidence, balance, resilience, and core stability. It is the ideal equipment for gymnastics.

Recommended by Personal Trainers

For crucial training at home, personal trainers recommend this as one of the best pull up bars. One can use it either indoor or outdoor for optimum result, making it a must-have gym tool if you need that perfect body fitness.

Easy to Assemble and Dismantle

You need a workout machine that does not take up a lot of your time mounting and disassembling it right? Then this free-standing exercise equipment is the perfect choice for you. It will take you less than two minutes to do either and furthermore you do not require any tools for this.

A Downloadable PDF Manual

You don’t need to buy gym equipment that will give you a headache when using. This portable power tower tool has a downloadable manual that guides you step by step on how to apply. It will provide you with total satisfaction and outcome that you desire with much ease.


  • Possible exercises with your pull up and dip bar
  • Close-grip pull up bar for muscle groups
  • Close-grip chin-up for biceps, front and side delts
  • Leg raise for core stability
  • Wide-grip rear pull up for inner traps and harder areas oat the back
  • Incline press up for triceps, chest, and front
  • Decline press up for triceps, chest and front delts for the formation of the bulging shoulder


  • Designed for slow controlled movements
  • For use on a hard, stable surface and not carpet

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Final word

GoBeast Pull up Bar Freestanding Dip Station is an ideal choice for those who need a complete body workout. You, of course, do not want to focus on one body part and neglect others. You will need that equipment that will help you achieve an overhaul of body fitness.

It is doubtlessly the best pull up bars that you cannot afford to lack in your gym, whether indoor or outdoor. It is, however, essential to carefully read the downloadable manual before using it and consult your doctor first for advice on whether it is safe to us.

Get it today and enjoy your health and fitness journey!

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