Best Running Shoes for Men Reviews (2024)

Looking for the best running shoes for men? Here are our latest reviews and buying guides after testing on the feet of athletic competitors. Men participating in athletic competitions must choose the right and the best shoes for running. These reviews are aimed at helping you to choose the best running shoes for men. Also, by reading this article you can learn some important asking about running shoes for men. Don’t miss out!

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men Overview

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes for Men Best Overall

Bio Mogo DNA cushioning for a soft underfoot.
A midsole drops of 8mm to 12mm.
Integrates speed, energize, and cushion levels

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for Men Best Reasonably priced

Great for overpronation.
Streamlined structure for increased speed.
Strong rubber sole but it is not non-slip

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3 Running Shoe for Men Best for functionality

Breathable textile material
Great for knees, lower back, and ankles while running
Springy sole to increase acceleration for runners.

Saucony Endorphin Shift for Men Best for easygoing runners

Easy to clean and do not require high maintenance.
Fits all kinds of running styles from heel to toe and ball push-offs.
True to size and they match USA standards

ASICS Gt-2000 9 for Men Best for Lowest Price

Engineered mesh upper with a one-piece design Lace-up closure type
Fabric and synthetic construction material

Nike Race Running Shoe for Men Best running shoes under $50

Keeps the feet cool with good cushioning.
Does not cause any blisters or raw spots.
Made with UK sizes.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe for Men Best for Breathable fit

U4ic midsole
A favorite stability trainer.
Premium sock liner to increase cushioning and comfort.

Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe (Under Armour) best running shoes for men under 100

It balances flexibility and cushioning
Uses textile fabric material that is strong and lightweight
9.9 oz offset weight

Men’s Ultraboost 20 Sneaker (Adidas) Best Running Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

Low top shaft height
Synthetic sole material
Very cheap compared to other shoes of its kind

UMYOGO Men’s Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes Best for Materials

A slip-on design with additional shoelaces
Padding is added at the tongue and collar for added comfort
Very lightweight and no foot fatigue

What are the Best Running Shoes for Men?

You should be able to choose the right running shoes to avoid injuries and blisters. This will help you avoid setbacks like a lost toenail or being forced to complete your runs barefoot from discomfort. An easy-wearing shoe will embarrass you by detaching in your mid-race when a shoe comes flying off your shoe and make you complete the race barefoot on a hard, cold, and rough surface.

The best running shoes should therefore be strong and durable to give you quality service before getting worn out. The best running shoes for men will make running comfortable and enjoyable. They are light in weight and have strong soles that will not harm your feet. They are also sturdy and will not slide causing unnecessary falls and accidents.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men Reviews

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes for Men

Running Shoes

For neutral runners who are looking to make runs in a lightweight shoe and a strong one, the Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoe is the perfect brand for them. It is made of a meshed outer material that will allow air circulation and reduce the rate of sweating on your feet. It comes with features that you need to make your running comfortable and enjoyable. With its lace-up closing method, you can tie the laces tight and keep the shoe firm on your feet and you jog and run comfortably. It is a favorite for both beginner and experienced runners due to its excellent services and features.

Main Features and Benefits:

Neutral support

This amazing shoe can support high-energy cushioning and will keep the runner comfortable and safe. It is very useful for road running and morning jogs. You can also have it for your cross-training due to its great support. The high cushioning keeps your feet comfortable and soft as you take on all kinds of activities. It is also designed to minimize sweating with its neutral support and this makes it an ideal shoe to visit the gym.


This is the kind of shoe that will always keep your feet stable and in the right position no matter the kind of activity you are partaking in. It has a DNA loft cushioning that makes it one of the best running shoes for men. It provides the right softness under your feet to avoid blisters and injuries. It is soft yet it does not lose its durability. It also maintains a good level of responsiveness combining great qualities of softness and strength.

Smooth ride                             

This great running shoe for men is made with a segmented crash pad to provide stability for any form of landing as you run. It is made with an integrated system of shock absorbers that will cushion every step and ensure your feet are safe from hurts and uncomfortable landings. It regulates your strides with smooth heel-to-toe transitions that make running or jogging very enjoyable. It provides your feet with regulated muscular movements and stretch.

Running Shoes

What We Like :

  • A 3D fit print
  • Good for both work and running
  • Light compared to other counterparts.
  • Different color laces to improve the style of this shoe.
  • Cheap and one of the best shoes under $150.
  • Streamlined and fringy to lift your legs on every stride.

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for Men

Brooks Adrenaline

One of the most reasonably priced running shoes for both beginners and professional athletes. With these Adrenaline GTS 21 shoes your heavy body will be comfortably supported and comfortable running in lightweight shoes enhanced. The synthetic and mesh fabric is great at keeping the shoe light in weight and also very strong.

It allows airflow and this greatly reduces sweating and any smell from developing in the shoes after running or cross-training. It will last longer and give you great services for the period you will put it under. It has a strong and shock-absorbing sole. The outer cover is made of leather that is tough and hardwearing.

Main Features and Benefits

Soft cushioning

Ergonomically made to make your runs smooth and soft, this is the best running shoe for men. The shoe is made to adapt to your footfall movements and strides from any harm. It will keep your feet free from any strains or excessive stretches. It uses DNA LOFT Crashpads to keep every footfall in check and safe. It also allows your feet to fit in comfortably in the shoes without keeping loose or over-pressed.


This great adrenaline GTS 21 shoe comes with a holistic support system to take care of your knees too. The knees are the most injury-prone and affected body parts while doing running exercises. These guide rails are made for you to keep excess movements in check to avoid twists, topples, and falls while running or jogging. It also keeps the shoes sturdy and strong from sliding on dry and slightly wet surfaces.


The internal shoe design is soft and made to provide the best foot stability while running. High energizing cushioning is enabled in these adrenaline GTS 21 shoes to keep you comfortable and free from ankle twists or injuries. It also keeps the feet free from getting blisters and plucked off toenails. It is good for road running where the surface can be rough on other shoes and the gym. Its enhanced support makes your workouts and running enjoyable.

Brooks Adrenaline

What We Like:

  • The upper part is made with engineered mesh with 3D Fit Print.
  • A 12mm midsole drop
  • 294.8g weight making it very light.
  • Level 2 medium cushion provides runners with a soft run.
  • Responsive and fringy energized experience.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3 Running Shoe for Men

New Balance  Running Shoe

This is one of the best reasonably priced running shoes due to its great functionality. It is 100% textile and made to give comfortable and safe wear. It is made with a fashionable design and can be used for both work and running. It suits a variety of tasks well with its rubber sole and a fabric outer covering material.

It is one of the best running shoes for beginners and will also comfortably suit professionals without any setbacks. It comes in a range of sizes each prized separately. It is a true-to-size shoe based on USA standards and you will not land an undersized or oversized shoe when you make an order. The shoes come in an amazing black/white color that enhances their aesthetics.

Main Features and Benefits:

Fresh foam midsole

The midsole is made of fresh foam and forms ground contact that has your feet cushioned from any impact. It is light in weight to avoid over-pressuring your feet while running and talking strides. The sole is made of rubber and springy to add a flight to your feet as you run. The shoe is also streamlined for fast speeds and swift running. The fresh foam keeps your feet within soft touch free from injuries and blisters.


This a shoe made with an engineered design upper mesh to reduce its weight to greater levels. It makes your feet feel as if there’s nothing in them yet they are protected from injuries and adverse weather as you run. The mesh also allows air circulation to reduce the amount of sweat produced and prevent bad smells from accumulating in your shoes. The weight also increases speed since you can make greater strides when you put on weightless shoes.


This shoe is made of an ultra-heel design that makes it’s sole last long and increases its resistance to wear. A combination of rubber and textile fabric material makes the shoe keeps it strong and hardwearing. It will serve you for years and give you great value for your money. The kind of shoe that will allow you to run on it daily and keep a perfect condition till you grow tired of it. It is also made with strategically placed rubber outsole pods that increase their strength and durability.

 Running Shoes

What We Like:

  • Ultra-heel design for a supportive fit and hugs the back of the foot
  • A weight of 8 pounds
  • The foam is firmer compared to other shoes and it fits well

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Saucony Endorphin Shift for Men

Saucony Endorphin shoes

This is the most ideal shoe for easygoing runners. They are low-priced running shoes that will make your exercises enjoyable and very comfortable. It greatly reduces the stress on the feet and also makes runs easier. It is a refreshing shoe with enhanced speed rolls. The kind of shoe that you will be comfortable standing all day or running. It can also be multi-purpose for the gym, cross-training, running, road races, and work.

The Saucony men’s endorphin shoes treat their users to a great new feel of good and comfortable cushioning. Very good for pronating and will help with some of the issues. They run true to size based on USA standards and will fit your feet perfectly as long as you purchase the right size for you.

Main Features and Benefits

Speed roll

This great running shoe is made with a streamlined always forward geometry. It is made to break wind and increase your speed as you run with a springy thrust in its sole. It makes a lively rolling feel under your feet as you jog or run. An effortless ride is enhanced by this best running shoe for men. It makes you feel as if the shoe is the one doing the running work for you.


These shoes are made with a cushioned underfoot that will keep your feet comfortable and soft. They provide the just right and perfect conditions for your feet to enjoy activities and you can put them on for more than 12 hours without experiencing any discomfort or sweating. The reduced sweating eliminates any possible development of a bad smell when you take off the shoes as this can be embarrassing.

Comfortable structure

The structure cushioning in the shoes and underfoot is ideal for keeping your feet comfortable at all times and carrying out different forms of activities. It is the kind of shoe that will guide your feet with soft landings and light takeoffs. A 4mm mid-region offset for a perfect fit-in and comfortable walking improves the qualities of this shoe brand. It prevents your feet from getting blisters or having a toenail plucked off.

Saucony Endorphin shoes

What We Like:

  • Synthetic and mesh fabric type
  • Very good for pronating
  • Keeps your heart rate significantly lower while running at a faster pace.

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ASICS Gt-2000 9 for Men

ASICS Gt-2000 9 shoes

This is a great product that offers one of the best running shoes lowest price. It is cheap and affordable yet possesses wonderful features and qualities. It has been the stability shoe of choice for a wide variety of runners. It has been used by runners on casual weekends to the top and famous marathon runners.

Lightweight and made with a streamlined structure, this shoe is ideal for many sporting activities from running to cross-training and gym sessions. It has been redesigned with an improved fit made of one-piece mesh construction. The key areas have been reinforced to withstand pact and shocks. This will ensure your shoe lasts long and gives you a long service time to match the money you spend on it.

Main Features and Benefits


This shoe is reinforced in key areas for added support and resistance from wear and tear. The reinforcement adds extra support as the foot rolls through the gait cycle. The rubber sole is elastic and strong enough to absorb and divert shocks as you are on rough ground. It also withstands friction a great deal and the sole will not wear out quickly. This shoe will give you a quality service for months before replacement.

Lightweight comfort

This amazing brand combines different technologies to give the runner improved, comfort and a weightless feel on the shoes. It uses both the FYTEFOAM technology and GEL technology cushioning. They are positioned at the midsole to make the shoe extra lightweight and yet comfortable while running or walking.


This is one of the best running shoes for men concerning its stability. It is great with motion stability control making landing easy and simple and also keeping flights as light as possible when making strides. It is made perfect for runners with very low to flat arches. It is also made comfortable and easy for runners who overpronate. It eases the condition so well and comfortably.

ASICS Gt-2000 9 shoe

What We Like:

  • A 10mm drop at the midsole.
  • Enhanced gait efficiency with a Truss tic system technology that integrates guidance line construction.
  • Allows foot movement in multiple planes as the foot moves through the gait cycle.
  • It attenuates shocks when impact occurs and during toe-off phases.

Nike Race Running Shoe for Men

Nike Race shoe

The best Nike men’s running shoes. Made for runners who need stability, it is an excellent choice for use in competitions and training. Neutral runners can also benefit from it and gain ground stability as they make strides during runs. It is one of the best running shoes under $50.

Slowly the Nike brand is coming back with affordable shoes that serve you a great deal in fulfilling your athletics dream. It should be your favorite for that recovery run or daily training for tracks and road races. Tapered towards the toe to distribute pressure, go for your correct size adjusted to =0.5 to suit you comfortably well.

Main Features and Benefits

Firm grip

The bottom of the sole is designed to create a firm grip even on slippery surfaces. The sole is shock absorbent and sturdy giving you safe rides in these shoes. It is safe for shoveling snow without any sliding. This will help you reduce accidents and they are perfect to run in drizzles or during snowfalls. The grip is also ideal for cycling with a strong take on the pedals.


This shoe is made with a cushioned insole and a soft lining added to it. The dual-density midsole is made to increase comfort and yet keep the shoe lightweight. This will enhance flights and absorb shocks for a reduced impact. The Lunar foam underfoot is also placed to keep the shoe lightweight, comfortable, and soft on the feet. It keeps the shoes thick and boosts the confidence of short guys as they appear tall in the shoes.

Padded tongue

This is made to reduce that instance of being faced with a detached tongue mid-race. Both the collar and the tongue are padded and made strong and very intact to avoid unnecessary tears and detachment. It has added support and traction that will keep you going easily mile after mile. The men’s size is different from women but both are made for great serviceability and comfort.

Nike Race shoe

What We Like:

  • A foam sole material
  • Lace-up closure type for you to decide whether you want to wear them loose or tight
  • A mesh outer material
  • Comfortable for running and cross-training.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe for Men

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe for Men

The best running shoes for men that will give you unbelievably quick and stable rides. Using wave technology, cushioning, and lightness are greatly enhanced to coexist alongside each other in this shoe. It will give you a breathable fit with a sleek look that is fashionable and with a nice feel.

The great performance of these shoes will take your daily run to another great level. Suitable for all foot sizes, these shoes are the best for one to wear while taking cross-training or participating in running competitions. It comes with a smooth heel-to-toe transition and offers every step with secure lightness. Have it and enjoy great resilience and responsiveness.

Main Features and Benefits

Support wave

The support wave of this shoe is streamlined to provide a balance between lightness and cushioning. This makes running easy and keeps the feet very comfortable. Wave technology eliminates the need for using foam to make the midsole and this improves the lightness of this shoe. It keeps strong and can handle all body weights with a stable and fast running speed.


It has an X10 outer sole that is hardwearing and tough. This increases the lifespan of these shoes and will ride for miles before tearing away or detaching. The sole can withstand rough surfaces as well as extremely cold ones such as snow shoveling. It provides optimum shock reduction and absorbs it or diverts to the edges. You get a safe and superior ride with this tough but soft feel shoe.

Engineered mesh

The upper part is made with fabric in the form of an engineered mesh for a breathable fit. This will improve air circulation and ensure that your feet do not get too hot inside the shoes. Heat can increase the rate of sweating as you run and slide in the shoe. Sweat produces a bad smell and this can be embarrassing when you take off your shoes near people. It keeps the upper part soft and accommodative for a perfect fit.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe for Men

What We Like:

  • A low-top shaft height
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Best for overpronation and they ease the condition well.
  • Comes with extra-wide options

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Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe (Under Armour)

Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

A great balance of cushioning and flexibility is enhanced in these shoes. The best men’s shoes for running and wearing them daily for work. The kind of shoe that will keep your feet comfortable for more than 10 hours while in them and yet it will not overheat or cause too much sweating.

It is a brand that you can combine your gym exercise morning runs and jogs with. It is also suitable for cross-training, and karate classes and some even recommend it for fishing. Easy for high-impact zones and with its cheap price, it is one of the best running shoes for beginners.

Main Features and Benefits

Charged cushioning

The midsole is made up of compression molded foam. This keeps the shoe very lightweight as well as improves its comfort levels. This is good at enhancing greater responsiveness and keeping the shoe for a long time without detaching or tearing away. It gives optimized cushioning and high-energy returns while keeping your feet comfortable and cool.

Mesh upper

The outer covering design is made with engineered mesh technology. It is very lightweight to reduce the stress and pressure exerted on the feet while running. It is made with 3 colors of digital print to deliver complete breathability and keep enough air circulation to avoid overheating in the shoes. The feet will remain cool without too much sweating or discomfort. This design keeps the shoe strong but very light.

Leather overlays

This is one of the great shoes made with the safety of the user in mind. To enhance stability and reduce unnecessary injuries from accidental falls, this product comes with leather overlays. They increase the stability of the shoes and they lock the feet inside them to avoid loosening of the feet midrace. The weak areas are reinforced with leather to keep the shoe for long without tearing away or detaching.

Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

What We Like :

  • EVA sock liner is made to provide soft and step-in comfort.
  • Solid rubber outsole that covers high-impact zones to increase durability
  • Cover over 400 miles without wearing out.
  • Great for the concrete floors where they are soundless and comfortable.

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Men’s Ultraboost 20 Sneaker (Adidas)

Men's Ultraboost 20 Sneaker (Adidas)

With a great black or solar red color, this is a great shoe for aesthetics and it is very fashionable. It is one of the best running shoes for men with improved confidence while in it. It gives comfortable rides that are safe on and off the ground. The kind of shoe that will propel you and make you feel as if it is doing the job on your behalf.

The best running shoes for men with flat feet keep their strides normal but at a lower heart rate as compared to when running in other types of shoes. They make you feel less tired as you cover long distances and they are ideal for athletic competitions as well as gym training. One of the most reasonably priced shoes, they give you greater performances and last longer than shoes often priced higher than them.

Main Features and Benefits

Responsive midsole

The sole is thick with a midsole that is very cushioning and lightweight. It is made to keep the feet as comfortable as possible with a soft lining that allows great transmission of heat-to-toe movement. Soft and stable ground landings are enhanced by these shoes. The midsole dip is also comfortable keeping flights streamlined and fast speed is enhanced by this design.


This is a shoe that will last miles without getting damaged. The tongue and the sole do not easily detach or get worn out. The critical areas are reinforced to increase stability and withstand shocks. The rubber sole is made to absorb shocks and withstand the impact of rough grounds and surfaces. It will run for over 400 miles without getting worked out or getting any damage.

Elastane heel

This shoe is made to protect the most prone areas of the feet from injury. It is made based on motion capture technology. This technology boosts the responsiveness of the shoes and offers a smooth transition between the heel and the toes. It enhances the natural movement of the Achilles preventing injuries from occurring on the heels and ankle.

Men's Ultraboost 20 Sneaker (Adidas)

What We Like:

  • Textile fabric outer covering
  • Knit upper for stitched-in support
  • The inside heel is elevated compared to the outer one to cater to the non-dimensional human stride.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable for working out
  • Sustains energy longer while running.

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UMYOGO Men’s Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

UMYOGO Men's Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

The most reasonably priced men’s running shoes cost under $50. Made with international quality standards, the shoes can perform almost all tasks comfortably without any form of failure. High-quality materials are used to make this shoe and it is designed to optimize its functions. With a variety of new features and styles, these shoes are made to combine fashion, comfort, and lightweight with their users.

They suit a variety of tasks ranging from work, shopping, running, cross-training, and keeping fit sessions at the gym. They are unique and provide the best comfort for your feet while in them. They are the genuine type that will give you value for your money and keep attached to this favorite brand.

Main Features and Benefits


`This shoe is specially made with elastic blade soles. They can easily expand and contract to accommodate pressure forces from all sides without transferring impact to the feet. They allow the shoes to bend strongly without snapping or getting brittle. This gives your feet a comfortable rolling from heel to toe. They are therefore ideal for sports where the shoes will be subjected to extreme bending.

Knit upper material

The outer covering and the upper material are made in a mesh form to allow air movement between the feet and the outside. As you run or walk the feet can feel the breath and will keep fresh for many hours while in the shoes. This will minimize sweating and prevent smelly odors from developing inside your shoes. It also keeps the feet cool and prevents overheating.


The rubber soles are made to provide a long serviceability lifetime. It allows the use of the shoes over extreme surface conditions such as icy places without getting damaged. It also withstands shocks from rough grounds and concrete surfaces. The rubber will compress and 3xpand easily diver shocks obtained from impacts on road races. The critical areas are also reinforced with leather to prevent the tongue and sole from detaching. These best running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis will cover over 450 miles without getting worn out.

UMYOGO Men's Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

What We Like:

  • Keeps shoes dry and comfortable
  • Spring thrust for a faster takeoff while running
  • Compliant with international quality standards
  • No metatarsal pressure points.
  • Modern-looking and cheap

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How to Pick the Best Running Shoes for Men

Best Running Shoes for Men

Running in the right shoes can be the most enjoyable exercise you will ever carry out. Having a good shoe provides the proper foundation for your body and will keep you safe from injuries. A good pair will keep you comfortable and complement your running style from the race start to the finish. Consider the following to ensure that you pick the best shoe for the right purpose

Running surface; The place you are going to partake in your runs should be of great consideration. Do you run on roads or do you prefer trail paths and gravel paths? Each of them has a different level of roughness on the surface. It will also be important to note the climate of the place you are going to run on. You might be running on slippery roads in the rain or shoveling snow while you run in snowfall.

Cushioning feel; You need to know your most comfortable level of midsole cushioning before purchasing a running shoe. Your most comfortable foot experience should be a priority for the shoes not to affect your psychology while running. If want to feel in the clouds or float in the air, go for the thick sole shoes with foam midsole cushioning. If you are that runner who wants to feel the ground, look for shoes with a thinner sole and less foam midsole cushioning.

Heel drop; Transfer of muscle movement and impact from heel to toes is very important to avoid injuries while running. The heel drop should therefore be of great consideration and ensure it suits your feet and running style well. It should also be able to deal with pronation comfortably well. Ensure the heel drop is accurate for you.

Gait support; A neutral shoe is common for most runners who are very comfortable in it. You, however, maybe that person who might require extra support for your gait. If your running style makes the foot or foot itself tend to roll to the far outside or inside, some shoes are specifically made for that. Check for one that will accommodate you and make your running comfortable.

Foot Size; you Ensure know the correct size of your feet either based on USA or UK standards. You should also be aware of whether you have the average width type of foot or if you need a broad-sized shoe. This will help you in ensuring that you select a fitting shoe that is comfortable and easygoing. It should not be too tight as it will press your toes and even cause blisters. A large shoe that your feet will keep loose and it may come flying off at any time while running at full speed. It can also cause the flaps and inner soles to disposition and give you discomfort while running.

The design; The shoe you select must be optimized to match the use you intend for. A streamlined design will help you increase speed and break air easily without any resistance or air obstruction. The outer material must also be engineered in a manner that allows breathing of the feet. A mesh design is the best as it will allow air circulation and keep your feet as cool as possible. The sole should also be made of a shock-absorbent material to avoid impacts and blisters. Rubber forms the best and most comfortable soles but synthetic soles and wave soles also perform this task well. Choose the one you deem right for you.

Flexibility; Take time to check on your shoes and ensure that they are flexible. They should be made of a material that bends easily without damage as you take long strides and hit irregular road surfaces such as those made of gravel. A rigid sole can easily increase friction and slow down your speed. Rigid soles are also unable to contain shocks and will hurt your feet leading to the development of blisters. The other major concern with rigid soles is sudden damage or snapping leaving you frustrated mid-race.

Price; Ensure you check the price of your shoe and ensure that it matches its features and qualities. There is no need to choose a costly shoe that will go for a few miles over a better shoe that is cheaper and of a superior brand. Ensure that before selecting a shoe, compare different viable options and choose the most reasonably priced yet fulfilling your running requirements.

Durability; Check on the customer reviews before selecting a running that will serve your training and running competitions for a considerable time without damage. This will keep you off the shoe store for a good number of months while enjoying comfortable runs in your favorite shoe. It can be very frustrating having to replace your shoe with another barely a month after purchasing it. Ensure that the shoe type you select can service over 500 miles without getting worked out. Any mileage less than that will not last for more than 3 months when you are a regular runner or cross-trainer.

Follow these guidelines of Best Running Shoes for Men Reviews stated above and you will equip yourself with the best running shoes for your activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

How Long do Running Shoes Last?

Running shoes are made with different materials and have different life spans. The material used to make them should be a hardwearing one. It should also be able to absorb and divert shocks. The tongue and neck should be padded to avoid quick damage and detaching.

An elastic sole is the most ideal since the stretching and contraction will absorb shock and divert it away without hurting the shoes. For a shoe with such qualities or better qualities than these, it should ride for about 500 miles without giving in or getting damaged. Anything less than this will mean that it is not an original but a fake shoe.

A distance of 500 miles translates to around four months for a regular runner on rough surfaces. This will serve them well for such a period. For non-regular runners, it can go as far as nine months keeping a new look and a healthy sole. The reinforcement made at critical points also helps the shoes to absorb shocks and this will help them attain their intended period of service.

When Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

How Long do Running Shoes Last?

To avoid the risk of attracting injuries to your feet, ensure you know the recommended mileage that you should ride in your shoes. 450 to 500 miles of running in the shoes should be enough to take you back to the market for a new pair. The wearing away of your shoes can take different angles depending on your running style. Ensure that you check on the following signs to determine whether you need to retire and replace your running shoes.

When the midsole shows some longitudinal creases. This means that it has lost its firm strength and is easily collapsing under pressure. It has become too soft at this stage to withstand your body weight and you, therefore, need to replace your shoes before injuries develop.

When you can see the midsole exposed. This means that the hard outer sole is worn out and can no longer keep the shoes safe from shocks and impact. Replace the shoe as soon as you can notice to avoid causing injuries to your feet or embarrassment when the sole detaches.

When your toes protrude through the toe box. This means that the outer covering is worn out and it can detach any soon from the sole.

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