Best Luggage Sets for Women: Reviews, Comparison, and Guide 2024

Can a woman be complete without a luggage set? One needs to have a luggage set to pack for weekends or that long vacation. This is a product that makes you stylish on the go and will make you look uniform. It will help you organize your personal items carefully and have a convenient time away from your home. The good thing with luggage sets is that they are easy to carry along as you pull them. You will definitely not have to bear their full weight over your body when taking it out of your car or from a train. It’s important to be aware of the best luggage sets for women.

Top 8 the Best Luggage Sets for Women Look at a Glance

Best overall: Samsonite Omni pc Hardside Flexible Luggage with Spinner Wheels Lightweight, easy to maneuver, well-made, best for a recent trip, held up well, lovely color, scratch-resistant, and good quality

Best road trip luggage: American Tourister Fieldbrook 4-piece Luggage Set Has upright smooth-rolling inline skate wheels for effortless maneuverability and multiple exteriors and interior pockets which are best for a trip”

Best affordable luggage sets: Rockland London Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage

Best stylish travel luggage: Amazon Basics 3 Piece Spinner Expandable Luggage Sets

Best lightweight luggage: COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Sets

Best luggage for family travel: Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage (3-Piece Set)

Best luggage for extra security: kensie Spinner Luggage Set (3 Piece ) Has a built-in lock that provides extra security and will keep personal items safe and secure

Best luggage sets for college students: Heritage Travelware 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage Sets “Has sufficient storage compartments to keep things like a tablet, glasses, watches, and cosmetics safe”

Top 8 Best Luggage Sets for Women Reviews

1. Samsonite Omni pc Hardside Flexible Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Omni pc Hardside Flexible Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Make your traveling easy with this affordable luggage set with its unique and amazing silver color. You will have an easy time handling this stable and strong luggage set. The kind of a luggage set that does not matter where and for what occasion you will use it for. It is the best luggage set for college students and will serve them for the full academic period. The silver color will keep it shiny and look clean at all times. It is a product that is rigorously tested and it will give you quality service for years without damage. It is secure and will keep your items safe from snatchers or intruders.

Key Features of Samsonite Omni pc Hardside Luggage Sets

Resistant to scratch

This luggage set is finished with a tough texture. It is made with a micro-diamond polycarbonate material that is extremely strong and scratch-resistant. This increases the lifespan of your luggage set and maintains a new look. Trip after trip, your luggage set will remain the same with its silver color and strong. The material is hard and non-porous ensuring your items are not soaked in the rain.

Multi-directional wheel

The wheels can quickly turn in any direction within seconds and will not give you a hard time navigating bends when pulling your luggage set along corridors or pathways. The wheels are strong and stable and this will reduce your work in supporting the luggage set with your leg or arms when pulling along. You will be free from lifting this luggage set when taking sharp corners too.


This luggage set has a main compartment that is expandable. This is important in accommodating more items and helps you put all your belongings in one pack for easy carry. This will alleviate the need for having more than one luggage set while they can all fit in one expanded set. It also allows you to contract it and keep your clothes pressed and in position. It will prevent crumbling and mixing of things in the luggage bag while pulling along.

Samsonite Hardside Luggage Sets

What We Like

• It contains both a 20-inch carry-on and a 24-inch spinner bag.
• It has side-mounted TSA locks for you to deter theft.
• Rigorously tested and has a 20-year warranty.
• A book opening case available in its main compartment.
• There is a self-retracting handle to carry the bag.
• Effortless 360 degrees spinner wheels.

2. American Tourister Fieldbrook 4-piece Luggage Set

American Tourister Fieldbrook 4-piece Luggage Set

The best luggage set for your tour travel or college studies. It fits the air travel requirements and it will never give you issues when boarding flights using various different airlines. It is a set made from polyester and has a shiny black color that is gleamy and amazing to look at. The American Tourister luggage set is the best to have on that long safari for you and your family members and enjoy uniformity with each one carrying a piece of the luggage set. The numerous amazing features in this set will make it your lifetime companion during all of your travels and vacations once you purchase and use it. It lasts long and saves you time wasted visiting malls and shops every year to buy bags. It will keep strong with minimal care and maintenance.

Many pockets

The internal surfaces and external parts of this amazing luggage set have multiple pockets that will enable you to separate small and essential items from your clothes. It ensures that things you will constantly use along the journey are within easy reach and will not require you to open the main compartment to retrieve them. They also separate items that can easily disappear among the larger ones when put together in one compartment. Hygienic items such as toothbrushes or makeup kits will not mix and contaminate each other.

Retractable handle

The handle is simple to use and non-fixed and you will therefore be able to pull it to the length you want and pull your luggage set. You can also push it in the luggage set and carry it while lifted on your hands by using the side grab handle in places where the surface is rough and pulling can break the wheels. The handle is fitted with a push-button to lock it to your preferred length. This will help you avoid adjusting the length after pulling for some distance and it gets longer. You will extend the length easily and keep it in position as you pull


This is a luggage set made to last long and give you service without breakdown or requiring regular maintenance. The corners are reinforced with a hard material to enable the luggage set to absorb shocks and divert them. You can gently pull it on rugged terrain and you will not experience tears or wearing out of the luggage set. The corners also maintain the shape of the luggage set either while partly filled or fully packed

4-piece Luggage Set

What We Like

  • The pieces in the set are 4 in number.
  • The pieces are fitted with uprights and a wheeled duffel.
  • The set comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • The set has side grab handles.
  • The wheels are in line with the skate and roll smoothly

3. Rockland London Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage

Rockland London Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage

A 3-piece luggage set that is cheap and very affordable. It has your favorite blue color that attracts you even when a distance away from the store. It even comes with a bag large enough to carry more belongings. A 28-inch bag will serve you for long travels with all the convenience you need. It is the best lightweight luggage set for your travel and for college use. With all the necessary features required available, you will enjoy this product in college or during that tour in a far country. The three bags in the set have varying sizes to help you select the most ideal one for your preferred use. It is the kind of bag that keeps long and survives harsh conditions while maintaining a new look.

Interior mesh

The internal compartment is separated with a mesh to enable you to keep your things separated but easy to identify them and take them out for use. With this mesh, you will be able to keep your books together with your clothes and they will not come into contact. It reduces the stress you would experience looking for an item stuffed in between your clothes. What more would help you keep organized?

Double wheels

The wheels of the luggage bags in this set are doubled to increase strength and durability. They can spin around completely and will make it easy to pull your luggage bag around bends and corners without having to slow down or lift it. They are multidirectional and strong to give you the best services while handling luggage bags. The ideal product for your travel.

Ergonomic handle
Spinner Wheel Luggage

The handle is sturdy and easy to use. It is compatible with both the left and the right hand and it pulls out with little effort. It enables you to lock it at your preferred length and extend it at will when you reach a steep surface. It is lightweight and easy to pull with a width that is not too large or too small for your arms. It is retractable and allows you to hide it inside in case you want to lift the bag with your arms.

What We Like

  • The bags are expandable.
  • Elasticated interior pocket.
  • Lightweight.
  • Very durable.
  • 3-pieces in one set.

4. Amazon Basics 3 Piece Spinner Expandable Luggage Sets

Amazon Basics 3 Piece Spinner Expandable Luggage Sets

This is one of the best luggage sets for women and will keep your items with guaranteed safety. It has a hard shell that is water repellant and will keep your clothes free from soaking while pulling your suitcase in the rain. It is the kind of set that will serve you and your two kids with each one of them enjoying the pull and uniformity. The lightweight luggage set has pieces of different sizes to allow you to choose the most convenient one while taking different trips. The most durable luggage set will serve you for decades under regular use and will maintain that new look it had on the first trip. Have one and enjoy comfortable traveling with a piece of shining luggage.


The outer cover of the luggage set is made of a very hard shell that is strong and hard-wearing. It will resist tearing or scratching of any kind as you pull your luggage along harsh environmental conditions. It is made with some extra thick ABS that adds strength and toughness and this ensures you enjoy a long-time service from the luggage bag. The finish is glossy and gives a modern appearance.


The luggage sets allow you to increase their capacity with a 15% expandable space. This allows you to enlarge the size of the bag easily and accommodate more items when you wish to do so. If you have fewer items you can contact them and reduce their size to keep your clothes pressed within the bag. It also contains many exterior pockets that allow you to keep more items separate from the ones in the main compartment.

Telescoping handle
Amazon Basics 3 Piece Spinner Expandable Luggage Sets

The handle is very ergonomic and is comfortable to pull with both the left arm and the right arm. It is adjustable and will allow you to pull it up to the length you want it to be. The handle is also fitted with a push-button to lock the adjusted length and keep it in place as you pull and lift the luggage bag along. There is also a securely mounted short handle that gives you more options on which to use on different surfaces.

What We Like

  • Solid strong zippers
  • 4 double spinner wheels
  • 3 zippered interior pockets
  • Very lightweight
  • Multi-directional wheels
  • The interior is fully lined and has a divider.

5. COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Sets

COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Sets

A young brand that has a very innovative and creative design team. The kind of set that is made with the customer in mind and will offer diligent services to the user. The team uses modern ideas and uses a variety of materials to assemble the final excellent product. The customer gets their preferred style and not just a solid case. You will enjoy a cool life with this set that suits all your needs. It will give you a lifetime service without damage as the cover is strong and shock-resistant. The family set has 4 pieces that give great uniformity to a couple and their two kids on that enjoyable trip or safari. Have one and use it to unite your family.

High quality

The luggage set is the best you can have for your family. The kind that is giftable to loved ones on their special occasions. It is made lightweight but has an ABS material that is 100% durable and resistant to any kind of impact on its hard shell. The outer cover is water-resistant and will not soak your clothes when it drizzle. There are also corner guard reinforcements that will absorb and divert shocks to maximize resistance to impact.

Interior design

The inner compartment of the suitcase is well-designed and made to accommodate personal items comfortably. It has a mesh divider that will allow you to keep your books separate from your clothes and yet identify and retrieve them easily. It also has skirted divisions and inner pockets to enable the user to separate small items from large ones. You will enjoy the compression straps too as they help you keep the clothes tightly pressed together when the luggage bag is not full.


The Coolife luggage is secure from the theft of items in it while closed. It is the ideal bag to arm your kin with as they go to college where there may be a risk of theft. It has a TSA-approved lock that allows only you or a TSA agent to open the bag. This will ensure that your items are secure as long as you have the secret pin and have personalized your luggage bag.

What We Like

  • Multi-directional wheels.
  • Push-button and adjustable handle
  • Interior mesh zip pocket that is elasticated.
  • Full capacity design that is squared.
  • Silent 360˚ wheels.
  • 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch sizes available.

6. Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage (3-Piece Set)

Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage

A piece of wonderful luggage set with a glaring light gold color. A three-piece lightweight set for you to pack your traveling essentials with much ease. The kind of set that you will handle in all manner of ways you desire to use. It has a bottom side handle and flexible top grab and side grab handles to enable you to lift the luggage bag at the angle you want. It is made to enhance easy maneuvering among people or along corridors. This product is made by experienced designers and it will serve you for decades without damage. It is strong and easy to clean. Have one and enjoy its persistent new look on its 100th trip looking the same as it was on the first one.

ABS exterior

The exterior covering of this luggage set is thick and hard-wearing. It is made with ABS material and has a strong glossy finish that enables it to combine strength and lightweight characteristics. The ABS material is durable and convenient for use since it has no side effects and will rarely fade in the sun. The corners are reinforced with hard material and enable the suitcase to absorb and deflect shocks. This will maximize the durability and resistance of the suitcase.

Flight secure

This is a luggage set that puts into concern the trips that may require you to take a flight. The 20-inch luggage bag meets the requirements of most airlines during travel as well as US-based requirements. It will perfectly fit into most overhead bins in planes and you feel comfortable during the flight as your items will be near you with no risk of disappearance.

Interior pockets

This product has luggage bags that are fitted with many interior zipped pockets. They enable you to keep personal hygienic items such as a toothbrush in a separate pocket from your clothes or a cigar rete lighter. They help you make organized packing and quick retrieval when you need an item from it. The interior has garment restrain panels to keep your clothes in position and well-pressed.

Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage

What We Like

  • Flexible bottom grab, side grab, and top handles for easy lifting and maneuver.
  • Fully lined interior in the main compartment.
  • Sturdy locking and retractable handle with a push-button.
  • Multi-directional 4-wheel spinner wheels that are 360˚ and smooth.
  • Large U-shaped pocket for double-sided packing.

7. Kensie Spinner Luggage Set (3 Piece )

kensie Spinner Luggage Set

Typically designed for women, this luggage set is well known for its aesthetics and softness. It is the best luggage set for women and is ideal for today’s girls. A combination of fashion, safety, and convenience for use on any occasion. A very light luggage bag that fits your air travel. It has the United States air travel standards and will fit in the overhead cabins for carry-on items. Have one and enjoy comfortable tours from one state to the other. It includes three pieces a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch, and a 28-inch luggage bag. A cheap and durable product made with its iconic metallic black color to give a good visual appearance. You are also offered the choice of choosing the midnight black color.

Polycarbonate cover

The exterior material is made of polycarbonate and is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. It makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. Polycarbonate is resistant to water and will keep your clothes free from soaking while in the suitcase as you get caught up by the rain outside. The material will last longer and maintain a new look even after decades of regular use.

Spinner wheels

This luggage set has four multidirectional spinner wheels. They can rotate smoothly at 360˚ and help you navigate bends without having to tilt the suitcase or lift it with the side gran handle. It carries the type of wheels that are strong and will guarantee you very comfortable maneuvering as you pull it along corridors. The wheels are reinforced and will not break or loosen.


This luggage set has each of its pieces made secure with a strong TSA locking system. The built-in lock provides extra security and will keep your items safe and secure from theft. It is a very suitable luggage set for college where one may be in a shared boarding room and needs a safe place to keep personal belongings. The lock allows you to set a secret pin code and only you or a TSA agent can be able to unlock it.

Spinner Luggage Set

What We Like

  • The set has compression straps to keep clothes tightly placed.
  • Multiple internal pockets.
  • Fits US airline restrictions.
  • Fits into deltas overhead bin
  • Expandable to create more space by 15%.
  • A sturdy retractable handle.

8. Heritage Travelware 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage Sets(2-Piece)

Heritage Travelware 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage Sets

Have this adaptable luggage set and enjoy your trips forever. It is one of the best luggage sets for college students and will keep their items safe and secure. It is a convenient set for both air travel and for the office. It is made with the customer in mind and will serve them diligently for years. A good carry-on item for your air travel even on the smaller plans. It fits perfectly on the overhead bins in airplanes and ensures that you are near your luggage for easy access and retrieval of items. The set has a variety of colors that include charcoal, light silver, cobalt blue, black, rose gold, Eden green, and indigo navy. You are free to choose any and enjoy the great services of this luggage set.

Retractable handle

The luggage set has a handle that allows you to adjust it to your preferred size. The handle is ergonomic and it is easily used with one hand either the left hand or the right hand. The maximum length of the handle is 41 inches for easy use. It has a push-button on the handle to enable you to lock it to your preferred size with ease. With these options, you can use the full length of the handle on a flat surface or shorten it on a steep slope.

Grab handles

You will not only use the adjustable handle but the luggage set has all of its pieces fitted with grab handles. There is the top grab handle, bottom grab handle, and side grab handle. They will allow you to lift the suitcase with your hands when upright or in a horizontal position. Two people will also carry it to make the work easier using the top grab and the bottom grab handle. All these features made for easy maneuvering.

Durable surface

The exterior is made with a tough and hardwearing ABS material. It will keep the suitcase with a glossy look and is light in weight. This combines convenience for use and strength as the corners are also reinforced to deflect and absorb shocks. The interior is also fully lined to protect your items. It separates your clothes from other physical items and keeps them tightly pressed.

What We Like

  • Double-sided packing
  • Garment restraints to keep clothes tightly pressed
  • Zipper pockets
  • The zippers have a small loop to accommodate a padlock or a TSA lock.
  • Fits into most planes’ overhead bins.
  • Multi-directional wheels.

Buying guide of best luggage sets for women

Are you a new user of luggage sets and want to have the best that is available in the market? You need a suitcase that will serve your family for a good time and with convenience. Before purchasing one, ensure you consider the following features.

Do I use air travel?

best luggage sets for women

You need to choose a luggage set that allows it to be used as a carry-on item. It should be able to meet most flight requirements to give you an easy time while using it for a flight. It should also be able to fit on the overhead bins of airplanes. Check out the sizes of pieces in a luggage set to ensure it fits the conditions.

Grab handles

Exterior design

Take time to ensure that your luggage bags have all side grab handles for easy lifting and maneuvering. The top grab, side grabs, and bottom grab handles must be present to reduce the overreliance on the retractable pull handle. They will allow you to lift the suitcase when staged upright or in a horizontal position. It will also be easy for two people to aid each other in lifting it using any pair of handles. The retractable handle should also be long enough for a comfortable pull. It should also carry a push-button for one to easily lock it to their preferred length.

The size of your family


If you are a customer who prefers uniformity in your family choose a luggage set that has pieces that accommodate every family member. Most luggage sets have a maximum of 4 pieces in the set and this will serve your spouse and two kids. If uniformity is of importance to you do not go for sets that only contain two pieces and force you to purchase another set.

The locks

The suitcase should enhance your security by having a secure and safe locking system. Make a preference for the TSA locking system over zips alone. If there is no TSA lock the zips should have curves that allow you to use a padlock. You have to keep safety in mind first especially if you are using it for college or boarding school.

Exterior design

Exterior design

The exterior covering should have a material that is light in weight and yet it is strong and hardwearing. Check for ABS material or polycarbonates on the external surface that will resist tear or water penetration. Such material will make your suitcase long-lasting and keep that admirable new look for ages.


The suitcase should not just have the main compartment but there is a need to have other small pockets to keep important items that you cannot mix with your clothes. They will separate your toothbrush from cigars when traveling for quite a long period. Also, check out mesh divisions in the main compartment to allow you to separate items for easy retrieval.



The wheels should be designed to give you that easy maneuver as you pull the suitcase along corridors or harsh terrains. They must be smooth and in line for perfect rolling along the ground. They must be multi-directional for easy navigation around bends and should be spinning at 360˚.

Garment straps

The interior design of your suitcase is important since that is where your most important items will be packed. It should have straps that will keep your clothes tightly pressed together and avoid mixing and disarrangement as you lift and pull the case along. The lining should also cover all of the interior surfaces to keep your clothes neat.


The luggage should allow for some little expansion in case you have more items. There should be a zip that will enable you to increase the normal size by 15% for more space. The zip is also important in reducing the space in case you have fewer clothes and you want them tightly compacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do spinner luggage wheels break off?

A. The spinner luggage wheels are strong and will offer you a lifetime service. They may be double-wheeled or single-wheeled. They are reinforced together with the corners to absorb and deflect shocks. They will therefore not break off when used for the right purpose and to carry the reasonable weight they are made for. They are smooth rolling and will avoid getting trapped on surfaces and remain secure. Do not expect to see cheap plastic wheels but strong ones that will last together with the rest of the luggage and give you wonderful surfaces. The wheels will only break off if over-pressured by carrying too much weight or pulling on rough surfaces.

Q. Which is better 2 wheels or 4 wheels luggage?

A. You need a piece of luggage that will help you have an easy maneuver in any kind of environment. A two-wheel suitcase will require you to pull the case at an angle at all times. A four-wheeled suitcase on the other hand can allow you to slowly push your luggage at 90˚ without any difficulties. 4 wheels luggage is far better than two wheels since you can pull the case on any of its sides. It will also serve you comfortably in case one of the wheels pulls off and have the option of using the other intact pair. Go for the higher number and increase your mobility options and you will never regret it. Though there is not much difference, I prefer a 4-wheeled case.

Q. How to protect luggage wheels?

A. Wheels are of great importance when it comes to handling luggage sets. You need to take some measures to avoid damaging them easily. Do not overpressure them by carrying too much heavy luggage. Ensure you put the considerable weight that they can comfortably bear in the suitcase. You should also protect them by purchasing rubber coverings for your wheels. Rubber is very good at absorbing and deflecting shocks and will prevent the wheels from breaking. If you are walking on gravel or a surface with potholes, consider lifting your suitcase with your arms rather than pulling it. It will reduce the pressure on the wheels and increase their life span. You can also make your luggage protector to keep your wheels safe from damage during road travel or flight. If possible, replace old and flimsy luggage wheels with new ones to avoid the embarrassment of breaking while on a trip.

Q. How to store up luggage?

A. You need to be perfect in arranging your items in a suitcase for them to fit properly. First, you need to ensure that the items you intend to pack are all clean and dried. This will help you avoid damaging the suitcase by packing wet clothes. You should then fold your clothes and stack them slowly in the main compartment of the suitcase ensuring they are perfectly placed and organized. Use the other compartment to pack your books. The smaller pockets are for personal hygienic tools such as makeup removers or toothbrushes. During packing, consider having an inventory to remind you where you kept an item and to confirm what you left behind.

Q. What size luggage is best for women?

A. Women unlike men possess a lot of personal items that need quite a large space during tours and travel. The size of a suitcase is however determined by the kind of trip you will take or the duration that you will be away from home. Women should always prefer that set with pieces that range in all the available sizes. A 3-piece set that has a 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch suitcase will suit them best. When going for long-distance travel, the 28-inch will accommodate more items and will be ideal. For short vacation periods, the middle size and small size cases are the most ideal for easy handling. Any size is comfortable it depends on what you carry and what you can manage.

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Final Thought

The best luggage sets for women are made by many different brands. They have great features that are accommodative and will serve the users comfortably for a lifetime. Though many sets are unisex, some suit women well with their soft design and color. Whether you want to use the luggage set for college or tour, it will serve you to your desired convenience.

Make sure all the security features are present to protect your items and grab one for yourself. With the best luggage set, you can carry all of your items in one pack and will maneuver easily on your trip. Take good care of them and you will get a lifetime service from the luggage.

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