How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage Pressure Points in 2024

Nowadays, it’s not a surprise that we feel different types of pain and other psychological and physical health quite often. Getting a foot massage pressure points periodically can be helpful for our psychological and physical health. That is why it is very important to perform regular self-foot massages at home.

You can be a master of your own foot and heel massages, but if you don’t know where to locate the pressure points for the strongest effect, it could be hard to find. Luckily, we’ve prepared a guide for you on exactly how to give yourself a foot massage pressure points. Let’s look at the 15 pressure points on the foot.

You will also take control of them by manipulating them for quick pain relief. There are certain pressure points on the feet that can help to cure common problems such as cough, cold, stress, stomach/digestion problems, headaches, sinus troubles, sleep, and more.

Foot pressure points and How to give yourself a foot massage pressure points

All we know, our knees and feet carry our entire body weight each day. Therefore, we treat them as weight-bearing organs. Most of us are always glued to our screens and often disregard our own physical condition. In any situation, our feet play a significant role. We’re always on our feet whether we’re sitting, standing, or walking. So, giving yourself a foot massage pressure points play an important role. Following are 15 pressure points on the feet that are associated with specific organs and parts of the body and can be massaged to treat specific illnesses.

1. Tai Chong

How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage Pressure Points

The pressure point can be found by pressing located between the big toe and the heel and your second toe.

To massage this point:

Take your thumb and press the Tai Chong acupoint for 15 to 30 seconds.

Continue this process 2 to 3 times.

Take a break and repeat.


This pressure point is used for menstrual cramps, insomnia, and anxiety as well as stress-related problems, back pain, high blood pressure, and pain in the extremities.

2. Zu Lin Qi

Zu Lin Qi

Zu Lin Qi pressure point is on the exterior side of our foot. When we run our forefinger along the outside of our foot, we’ll reach a third of the way.

To massage this point:

Press and spend 15 to 30 seconds on the Zu Lin Qi acupoint.

Then release and repeat three times.


A Zu Lin Qi treatment relieves muscle cramps, reduces back pain, and treats apoplexy, psychoneurosis, and other symptoms.

3. Yong Quan

Yong Quan

Yong Quan pressure point is on the big toe just below the joint.

A pressure point will be where the stress is felt most so you will know the spot has been found.

To massage this point:

Give your thumb a gentle squeeze at this spot between the big toe and second toe.

Apply pressure to the Yong Quan acupoint with your thumb.

You may massage the area for two or three minutes.


Acupressure on this acupoint can relieve insomnia, night sweats, palpitations, hot flashes, anxiety, and memory problems.

4. Tai Bai

Tai Bai

Tai Bai pressure point is located the part of our foot just to the part of our ball, in the middle of the foot.

To massage this point:

Press down hard, when at this point, you feel the ball the most.


This point is helpful for reducing abdominal bloat, soothing stomach ache, stopping diarrhea and dysentery, as well as calming the vomiting reaction.

5. Tai Xi

Tai Xi

Tai Xi is located between our Achilles tendon and that inner bump on our ankle where our Achilles tendon attaches.

To massage this point:

Use your thumb to press on Tai Xi acupoint.

Press it steadfastly for 15 to 30 seconds.

Let your finger rest for a minute.

Repeat this procedure two more times.


It soothes toothache pain, tones kidneys, and arthritic joints as well as decreases bronchitis and asthma go off through the application of pressure on the Tai Xi.

6. Shen Mai

Shen Mai

The Shen Mai pressure point is located upon the bony bump just outside the ankle bone.

To massage this point:

Maintain the pressure on the acupoint for 15 to 30 seconds

Repeat 2 to 3 times.


It improves patience, calms anxiety, and relieves stress, and alleviates cold symptoms when massaged.

7. Di Er Li Dui

Di Er Li Dui

The Di Er Li Dui is located on the second toe’s upper half.

To massage this point:

Locate this pressure point

Just below the toenail, press on the area.


It helps to stimulate appetite, relieve hiccups, and ease nausea by massaging this area.

8. Kun Lun

Kun Lun

We will find this pressure point between the top of the bony bump outside our ankle and the Achilles’ muscle.

To massage this point:

For the same amount of time, put pressure on the Kun Lun acupoint with your thumb or forefinger.

Release and then repeats 2 to 3 times.

Don’t hold an acupoint longer than 2 minutes straight.

Press firmly between 15 and 30 seconds.

After that, you should rest and then repeat the procedure.


Using the Kun Lun relieves headaches and the pain in the lower back reduces blood pressure and offers relief from vision problems and diarrhea.

9. Xing Jian

Xing Jian

On the big toe and the second toe, there is a pressure point called Xing Jian.

To massage this point:

Put your thumb and index finger together

Touch the skin between the big toe and the second toe.

Apply a small amount of pressure


The Xing Jian point can be used to treat vision problems, sinusitis, leg cramps, and kidney diseases.

10. Xia Li

Xia Li

Xia Li’s pressure point is located about an inch below the adjoining skin portion between the big and second toes on the upper side of our foot.

To massage this point:

Take your fingers and place them an inch below the skin connecting the big toe and the second toe.

Then apply pressure.


It relieves diarrhea symptoms when this point is pressed.

11. Li Nei Ting

Li Nei Ting

On the sole of the foot, the Li Nei Ting is located between the 2nd and 3rd toes.


Food poisoning symptoms can be relieved and urinary tract infections can be treated by applying pressure to the Li Nei Ting. Additionally, it may help with stroke recovery and constipation.

12. Da Dun

Da Dun

It is located about half an inch from the corner of your toenail on the inner side of your big toe.


It soothes stomach aches, hernias, and dizziness when pressure is applied to this point.

13. Gao Ya Xue Dian

Gao Ya Xue Dian

In the big toe joint, we can find the Gao Ya Xue Yuan pressure point.


It is helpful to apply pressure on this pressure point in order to lower high blood pressure.

14. Qiu Xu

Qiu Xu

This pressure point is located on the outside of your ankle about an inch below the bony bump.


A massage of the Qiu Xu may relieve mental stress, stabilize our mood, and improve our coping mechanisms.

15. Di San Li Dui

Di San Li Dui

Di San Li Dui’s pressure point is just underneath the middle toe’s toenail, similar to Di Er Li Dui’s.


By pressing the Di San Li Dui’s pressure point, we can relieve heartburn and excessive burping.

You can watch this video to get a clear idea of pressure points for a foot massage:

Here are some advises on how to give yourself a foot massage pressure points

It is practical and efficient to use a foot massage machine, but nothing beats the old-fashioned method of massaging pressure points on foot.

Various approaches to foot massage exist. The choice of techniques varies from person to person. A person may want to try several techniques to see what works best or what they feel comfortable with.

Before you start a foot massage pressure points, here are some things to know on how to give yourself a foot massage pressure points:

  • Plan your own relaxing time.
  • Put yourself in a comfortable position.
  • Bring your body to a relaxed state by closing your eyes and breathing deeply.
  • If you like, you may add a few drops of essential oil while the feet are soaking.
  • Dry the feet with a towel
  • Place your feet on the towel
  • Apply massage oil to the foot and ankles
  • Locate the pressure point
  • Press firmly and consistently with your fingers

Following are some important suggestions you might find useful for foot massage:

  • Make sure sore areas get worked longer and with as little or as much pressure as feels comfortable.
  • A person can continue if they can enjoy certain parts of the activity.
  • Make sure the thumbs are not injured by using excessive pressure. Don’t force them too hard.
  • Use your body weight to apply pressure, not your fingers.
  • Be careful to use medium pressure, since this may end up hurting.
  • Make sure you pay attention to one foot at a time.

What pressure point causes you to fall asleep immediately?

In addition to treating insomnia, LVT3, also known as Tai Chong may be effective for treating stress and anxiety related to sleeplessness.

We can locate Tai Chong by locating the place where we connect the skin of the big toe with the next toe. We should remember that firm and deep pressure is needed.

Trusted Source reported that treating the Tai Chong pressure point was part of the relaxation routine in its study about fatigue and sleep quality among breast cancer survivors. Three minutes of pressure at each point improved sleep, as determined by the researchers.

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The Final Verdict

In accordance with the Journal of Advanced Nursing, it can treat pain, reduce stress, treat injuries, and lower stress. The sensation will be similar to that of a SPA salon just by applying foot massage pressure point yourself.

In many cultures, foot massage pressure point has been used to improve overall health. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular.

The pressure points on your feet allow you to target a specific part of your body while massaging. This is why it is advisable to prepare a reflexology chart in advance.

You can use it to locate a specific area more easily to self foot massage pressure points. It will result in a more balanced body, and you feel more energetic. By regularly massaging your feet you can heal both inside and out. As if by magic, you will feel younger and re-energized.


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