Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under 200

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under 200
Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under 200

There are a lot of Saltwater Spinning Reels in the market place. After spending many hours for researching I will suggest you to purchase the Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under 200.

I’ll explain here about  Penn Battle II Saltwater Spinning Reels . Penn Battle II is one of the best choice-able reels and I am sure that you will pay money for this spinning reel.

The first thing is reasonable price! If you think about the price from all around the angle, you will see the Penn has kept very reasonable price for this product. They are producing the high quality, well cared along with longer lasting reels.

The reel price range around $100. If you think this is very high price for a reel, I will suggest you to think about from all around the angle. Hopefully, you can realize that, this is very user friendly price for a high quality product which has long lasting reel.

Penn Battle II is a very dependable saltwater spinning reels. If you want to pay money for a solid everyday reel so that you can depend on it. Hopefully, your weekend will be more enjoyable and surely you will be satisfied with it.

At the first time when you will open the box and right out reel, you will feel very solid to it in weight. And you will be surprised to see the product quality. The rubber knob of Penn Battle II is very high quality; even after hours of fishing it will feels great in your hand. The retrieve is very smooth Also.

When the new Penn series was released in 2014, they fill the gap between the 2000 and the 3000 sized reels by introducing the model 2500 size. The both model new 2500 and the model 2000 same in size but the rotor and spool are bigger than 2000.

There are 8 models of reel have produced by Peen, the first one is 1000 in size which is an excellent choice for small freshwater species and the last one is 8000 in size which is larger species like Tarpon and Shark.

For the beginner who is looking for a good all around reel for inshore fishing, I’ll suggest the 2500 or the 3000 paired with something like a 6 foot light medium stick GX2 fishing rod or 7 foot Star Stellar Lite Series fishing rod. Also I will suggest spending some more dollars for lifetime warranty opportunity.

Penn present a combo package offer with a great value. It includes a Penn Battle II graphite fishing rod and a Penn Battle II reel. This Penn Battle II graphite fishing rod is a high quality fishing rod which made by Peen.

Important Features

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Final Verdict:

The reel of Penn Battle II version has unlock face reel design .This offers in a total of 8 sizes, smallest being 1000 and largest 8000. All of these are considered to have medium high gear ration for the smallest model 1000 beginning at 5.2:1 up to the largest model 8000 at 6.2:1. You can easily catch different types and sizes fish from your smaller trout, reds or snook inshore species.  Above mention ratio is very supportive for large tarpon and shark also.

Mainly the maximum drag setting starts for the 1000 series at 9 lbs and goes for the 8000 series at a full 30 lbs. Most of the people think that the Penn Battle II is very heavy as reel; I would like to explain a statistic. For the series 1000 the reel weight starts at roughly 8 ounces . Then goes up to 30 ounces on the series 8000. This is very strongest and largest reel series of the Penn Battle II series. At the time of fishing on the reel, it seems to be a bit heavy. Many people like this solid feel. In my opinion I liked this feel on the fishing time.

For the new reel, you have to see at a glance just for know about how much capacity line have existing in a new spool. Because the new spool which has line facility rings is great.  According to my past experience, I’ll suggest not loading the reel to its full capacity and that will be better.

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