Best Walking Sticks for Seniors Reviews

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles- Adjustable Walking Sticks

Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

The best walking stick is the TrailBuddy walking stick. Now I know this isn’t a walking cane, but you will find it has much the same features as the walking canes. It is strong and can withstand a lot of pressure. It is also durable and tough that is good for hiking or walking on rocky terrain.

Strong and Durable

This walking stick is said to be “tougher than carbon fiber”. The TrailBuddy is made from tough aluminium. This grade of aluminium can withstand more pressure and impact than carbon fiber that is used. You can use it for hiking or for supporting heavyweights. The best walking sticks for balance weigh more than 4 ounces. The durable and robust design makes it able to withstand heavyweights, it is also good for those who love the outdoors since they can withstand strong pressure.

walking sticks
walking sticks

Comfortable and Easy to Adjust

This stick mentioned in this review are adjustable, and this walking stick is no different. You can change the height from 24.5 to 54″ easily. You can use the best walking sticks for hiking even when wearing gloves or in wet conditions easily. The stick has cork handles that are comfortable to use in hot and cold temperatures. They can mold to the shape of your hand for extra comfort. The TrailBuddy has a padded strap that prevents your skin from chafing even if you use the best walking sticks for seniors continuously for a long time.


You can use the pole walking for seniors in wet conditions and other surfaces. You can use it in icy conditions; all you have to do is expose the carbide tip. Doing this will give you a solid grip that is good for using in tough surfaces. The walking poles/sticks benefits are suited for going on tough hikes with no fear of them breaking,

 Walking Sticks for Seniors

Buying Guide

When buying these walking sticks for exercise, you need to ensure it is strong enough to use on whatever surface you are going to be hiking in. The pole is made out of material that doesn’t break, but you should reassure yourself of that before committing.

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