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Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama ii Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt Review

Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama ii Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt Review
Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama ii Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt Review
Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama ii Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt Review

Do not get stressed again when you don’t know what to wear, be it during a cold season or even warm season. The Columbia Bahama ii Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt is the answer to your dilemma. This shirt is cool, breathable and can be worn in water during any activity.

This particular shirt is made of quality design to cater for the needs of anglers; fishermen it is of lightweight and dries very fast when washed. This vented back shirts are pure nylon and are mesh-lined, cape vents at the back so that they give UV protection. The shirts can be hand washed and do not necessarily require to be ironed so that they can be worn.

The shirt is commonly worn when you are conducting fishing activities since it is so light and breathable. The shirts can also be worn for casual and formal events as well. Here are some features why you should have a Columbia Bahama ii shirt.

Who is the shirt designed for?

  • Men
  • Fishermen

Sun Protection

When you are out at the beach, you will need to bask a lot in the sun, therefore you are bound to be exposed to UV rays for long periods of time. Omni Shade UPF 30 fabric is important since it blocks UVA and UBA ray to prevent you from getting sunburns. It prevents you from having skin damage when you stay long in the sun.

Comfort and Breathability

When in the water you need to have enough air and feel free, the vents at the back of the shirt will help you feel comfortable. This shirt is pure nylon and dries quickly when washed. You do not need to iron your shirt since it doesn’t get too creased. This shirt will keep you so comfortable and will make you enjoy being out in the sun whenever you are sunbathing.

Relaxed Fit

During fishing activities, you need to be relaxed and not in some attire that will keep you uncomfortable. The men’s Columbia Short Sleeve Breathable Fishing Shirt will keep you relaxed and will be able to move around during your fishing activities. No one will want to have tight clothing that can make movement difficult especially when having fun.

Handy features

You need a pocket while out there fishing; this pocket could be used to carry a phone or even some other necessities like money. This Bahama ii shirt has chest pockets with Velcro closure which make it convenient for storing.

Water outfit

There is no other clothing that you can wear in the water and feel comfortable like the Bahama ii shirt with flap on the back. You can fish, water skate and even swim with it. This shirt is fast and so easy to dry once you are out of the water. The shirt is comfortable and relaxing whether it is soaked or just out of the water.

  • UV protected
  • Dries fast
  • It is vented
  • It is lightweight
  • Offers plenty storage for small gear

  • Not suitable during winter seasons

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wear this shirt when not doing any fishing or water activities?

A:Yes the shirt has a good appearance and can be worn even when not in any water activity, it is comfortable

Q: What is the purpose of the loop?

A:Basically, you can use the loop to store your sunglasses, a pen or even a flashlight.

Q: Is the shirt loose or tight around the body?

A:This depends on what type of shirt you buy, according to your size then you will get the perfect shirt for your body, be it small, large or medium size

Final Verdict

At any given time if you want to spend your day out in the water this should be your perfect outfit. There is no need to stay stressed about what you are going to wear. The Bahama ii shirt can be worn by both men and women whenever you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. The shirts are available in many sizes from small, medium and large.

The Bahama ii men wear is also in many different colors that are very attractive. You will also feel good when you stand out and look unique in this shirt since they look so attractive and will make you look confident among people. This is a shirt you should have whether you are having water activities or not.

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