Best Michael Kors Handbags for Women in 2021

Need to buy a fashionable and classy handbag? Then Michael Kors is the top brand to look for. Their handbags offer modern elegance, style, and sophistication. These handbags are well-structured and feature quality materials. The best Michael Kors handbags for women have reinforced stitching, lining, and Michael Kors logo.

You can get almost any handbag to suit your personality or outfit. Whether you need tote bags, satchels, or office bags, there are plenty of options to select. We have an in-depth buying guide and recommend 10 original Michael Kors bags you can buy. This will help you pick a suitable bag to match your needs.

What are the Best Michael Kors Handbags for Women?

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How Do I Choose the Best Michael Kors Handbags for Women?

There are some vital elements you need to check before buying your ideal Michael Kors handbag. These factors help you get a great bag that suits your fashion and other needs. Remember these things when choosing the best Michael Kors Handbags for women.

Sophisticated Structure

Michael Kors handbags are well known for their outstanding styles and high quality, and they are things you need not lack. Their stitching is made strongly to keep the bag upright always. They complete your outfit and keep the lady in you rocking every time. The sophisticated structure is proof of the good and high quality they are made of. The designs are also of a high class and will thus meet your needs.

Iconic Branding

These handbags have a brand signature that reads ‘MK’ in the lining or may have a signature key ring, making it easy for you to identify it from other brands. You may find the latest handbags designed so that the designer’s name is on a metal plate.

The Sizes of Michael Kors Bags

  • Small bags: These include the cross body bags, mini bags, and clutches, among others. You should purchase these small bags for light travels only. This is because they accommodate only a few things. You only put the necessities you require for your travel. It keeps you on toes as you only carry what you need, thus reducing heavy loads burden.
  • Medium size bags: These bags will allow you to carry with you some more staff than the small bags. They are more spacious and hence can hold products like tablets, e-readers, etc.  You, therefore, need to be specific with the type of Michael Kors Handbag you need.
  • Large or oversized bags: This is the most popular bag type you will find in the market. They are a carryall option that can be used for schooling purposes or as an overnight bag. They have compartments that help you keep your things in an orderly manner. For instance, you may put money and other private documents in the innermost compartments and the rest of the open tops.

Consider The Material

  • Leather
    • Michael Kor’s handbags made from leather are highly-priced. They are worth the high price since they are made with skilled craftsmanship. Again leather bags tend to be the heaviest when compared to other materials.
  • Cloth
    • These types of bags are made elegantly. They are light in weight and have various designs. When compared to leather bags, you will find out that they are more soft and collapsible. However, they are not recommendable for wet weather as they absorb water and may destroy your things.
  • Nylon
    • They are the most lightweight bags from Michael Kors handbags. They are common for travel. The nylon bags are also the most affordable when compared to other types.

Check The Price

The prices of these handbags will be dependent on the size and the material used to make the bags. In terms of materials, leather bags from Michael Kors are the most expensive. These bags are quality and feature a durable make. On the other hand, nylon handbags are the most affordable bag types.

Best Michael Kors Handbags Reviews

Get fashionable and quality handbags from the Michal Kors brand. Even after narrowing your options to a single brand, you will still find too many options. You can end up with confusion if you are not certain what to look for. We have prepared this guide and reviews to help you pick the best Michael Kors handbags for women.

Table of Contents

Women’s Jet Set Item Lg Crossbody

Women's Jet Set Item Lg Crossbody

Are you considering buying the best Michael Kors crossbody bag? Consider this bag, which has a nice design. The strap of the bag is adjustable to help you get the right comfort you need when carrying. On top of that, the bag gives you a fashionable and sophisticated look when wearing it.

This stylish bag is great for office or weekend use. You will love the metallic hardware and the logo, which all make the bag look nice. Additionally, it features a top-zip closure that is easy to open. The crossbody bag has one interior pocket and two slip pockets to keep your small items safe.


  • Twill PVC coating and polyester lining
  • Adjustable strap to fit various users
  • Sophisticated and stylish look
  • More room so it can hold a lot of items.
  • Cute and perfect size
  • Convenient top-zip closure

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Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Bag

Jet Set Item Crossbody Bag

If the above crossbody bag dint impresses you, this is another option you can consider. This Michael Kors crossbody bag is a cute bag with adjustable shoulder straps so it can fit anyone comfortably. The crossbody bag features genuine leather material, so you have no worries about this bag’s lifespan.

You will also love the zip closure that is easy to use hence easy access to your items. This bag also features two open pockets, so you have more room to keep your essentials. Its design is simple for an elegant look.


  • Has zipper closure that is easy to open and close
  • Leather material to enhance its durability
  • Adjustable shoulder straps allow comfortable carrying.
  • The bag has a simple design and a nice look.
  • It features two open pockets to store your essentials.

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Jet Set Travel Multifunction Phone Case

Jet Set Travel Multifunction Phone Case

Travel in style with this amazing Michael Kors wallet. You can carry your basics securely with this wallet. The bag is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 4-8S. Additionally, it has 6 cardholders and one window where you can keep your ID.

The interior section features one zip pocket where you can store some coins, an open bracket, and a safe bracket for your cellphone. You will love this bag’s size, which is a perfect size to fit anything you would love to carry in your wallet. This leather wallet is designed to last and gives you a sharp and classy look.


  • One zip pocket to keep your coins
  • A cellphone bracket
  • Has an open bracket
  • 6 cardholders and one window for ID
  • Compatible with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  • Its dimensions are 7-inch wide, 4-inch high, and 1-inch width

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Women’s Selma Medium Top-Zip Satchel

Women's Selma Medium Top-Zip Satchel

Get this Satchel bag to carry all your daily essentials comfortably. This is a medium-sized bag with enough space to hold your items. This designer bag has a compact design, so you will not feel fatigued carrying the bag. You will also love the zip closure that is easy to use and ensures all your items are safe.

It features a stunning jasmine yellow color to make every woman look classy. Moreover, its leather material assures you of many services from this amazing satchel bag. This beautiful bag makes a perfect gift to any woman.


  • Features a convenient zip closure to keep your stuff safe.
  • This medium size satchel bag has enough space to hold everything you want
  • Made with leather material for durable use
  • It features a compact design making it comfortable to carry
  • Suitable satchel bag for everyday use

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Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Messenger Bag

Jet Set Travel Large Messenger Bag

Visit any Michael Kors outlet and get this large messenger bag. Considering the price of this bag, its quality will impress you.  This beautiful bag is great for traveling and big enough to hold many items. It also has a perfect strap length that is comfortable to carry. The length of the straps is adjustable to suit your needs.

The bag has a top closure zip, which opens and closes easily. It features PVC material and leather trim hence a durable bag. You can fit items in this bag, and it will not look bulky like other messenger bags you will find.


  • Great messenger bag for the price
  • Beautiful and quality bag
  • It features an easy to use top zip closure.
  • The bag holds plenty of items, and it doesn’t look bulky.
  • Great bag for traveling
  • Features a durable material

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Sady Carryall Shoulder Bag

Sady Carryall Shoulder Bag

Travel stylish with this Michael Kors tote bag. The bag is made of durable leather material to give you many years of use. Its interior is big to hold your items securely all day. It has one large compartment, three slip pockets, and a padded pocket where you can organize your essentials.

This tote bag also features an outside back slip pocket that is easy to access. It has a quality zip closure that is easy to use and ensures the security of your items. On top of that, this bag has a nice logo lining that gives it a beautiful look. You will also love the double leather handles that are comfortable to hold and durable.


  • Outside, the bag features a back slip pocket
  • Durable and comfortable double leather handles
  • Features a beautiful logo lining
  • The tote bag has a quality zipper closure.
  • The interior is large enough to hold more items securely.
  • It is functional and beautiful.

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Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Double Zip Wristlet

Jet Set Travel Double Zip Wristlet

If you like your wristlet simple and elegant, this is the perfect bag to match your needs. It has a vanilla PVC and dark acorn color, which makes it good-looking. The polished golden hardware adds to its good looks. This bi-fold wallet has two zippered compartments that give a secure closure to keep your essentials safe.

You will also find 6 card slips, a clear window for ID, and the other two large open slips. On top of that, you can keep your phone safely in the smartphone slip. The wristlet strap is removable depending on your style.


  • Authentic and good quality wristlet
  • Bi-fold styles and features two zippered compartments
  • Ample space for your cards, ID, and smartphone
  • It has a removable wristlet strap.

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Michael Kors Bedford Top-Zip Pocket Tote

Bedford Top-Zip Pocket Tote

Micheal Kors gives you yet another large-sized tote bag to fit all your everyday essentials. This best Michael Kors handbags for women that features a beautiful Oyster color. You can use this tote bag for quite several uses. It features a top zip closure that opens and closes with ease.

It is large to keep anything that you for in the tote bag. The interior has one zip pocket, there open pockets, and you will also find a cellphone pocket. The exterior has four pockets where you can keep extra items. You will also love the buckled shoulder straps that are comfortable to hold.


  • Made from a durable leather material;
  • The bag features a quality top zip closure.
  • Comfortable and buckled shoulder straps
  • Features a flat base to give it an upright posture
  • The exterior has slip pockets to store your items.
  • Smart brand logo hardware

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Michael Kors Jet Set Item Tote

Women's Jet Set Item Tote

The michael kors tote bag is another sophisticated Michael Kors jet set tote that gives women a stylish look. The bag features a matte leather construction for durability and a distinctive look. It has multiple pockets to keep your item secure and organized. There are two exterior side pockets. The interior has a phone pocket, zip pocket, three slit pockets, and a key fob.

On top of that, you will love the top-zip design that is easy to use and always keeps your essentials in place. The lining of the bag is 100% polyester that is soft. You will also appreciate the two top handle design of the bag that makes it easy and comfortable to carry. 


  • Durable Saffiano leather and a gold-tone hardware
  • Two to handles comfortable to hold
  • Easy to use zipper closure
  • Sot and quality polyester lining
  • Ample pockets to keep your items.

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Women’s Jet Set Large Phone Cross Body Bag

Women's Jet Set Large Phone Cross Body Bag

Get this large phone crossbody bag and carry your items in a stylish way. The bag is made of Saffiano leather to give you unmatched durability. This saffiano leather bag by Michael kors also features good-looking polished logo accents on the top flap to give it an elegant look.

The interior has a leather lining and five slots to keep your cards. Additionally, you will find a zip pocket and a compartment in the middle for your items’ better organization. The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can get a perfect fit.


  • Saffiano leather makes to enhance its durability.
  • Features 5 slots to keep your cards
  • There are a middle compartment and a zip pocket.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap for comfort purposes
  • Beautifully polished logo lettering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Michael Kors bags so famous?

The Michael kors handbags for ladies are famous as the brand was made to produce good quality bags. The owner ensured that he kept his brand, leading the other brands, and it was also reachable whenever people wanted to know about it. These bags are also different from other designs hence making them stand out from the other brands. Their craftsmanship also makes them durable and attractive.

Q. Are Michael Kors bags leather?

Michael Kors handbags feature leather, nylon, and cloth materials. Leather seems to be the most outstanding bag type from Michael Kors. This is because they are skillfully made to suit all your needs. The leather bags may be in different sizes, and this makes their prices differ. Michael Kors leather bags are also available in different colors in which you choose as per your preference. They are the bestselling type of bags from Michael Kors due to their durability and nice appearance.

Q. Is Michael Kors more expensive?

Michael Kors handbags are expensive when compared to other brands. This is because of their good quality in making that is durable. They are also made in extraordinary styles and designs, making them outdo other brands. The leather bags from Michael Kors are the most expensive compared to those made from nylon and cloth. They are made with a sophisticated structure and thus making them more expensive.

Q. How can I get Michael Kors cheap?

There are various outlets. From Where you can get Michael Kors cheap. They are always stylish to have, and they all look professional. The styles in them are simple but classic, elegant, clean, and possess any other nice feature you wish your handbag to have. You may also choose to purchase your bags on black Fridays, whereby the prices are slightly lower than the normal. Whenever they offer discounts for their products, be sure to get some as the price will be fair for all.

Q. Does Michael Kors offer warranties for their handbags?

Michael Kors offers a one-year warranty for handbags and leather goods after purchase. You only need to produce proof of purchase of the item you bought. If the handbags are defective, they will not be returned to the customer in that state. Repair may be done, or if it is beyond repair, the product has to be replaced. This will all be done at the customer’s bill on the shipping. You only need to have a valid warranty claim for your product.

Q. What is the most popular Michael Kors bag?

The most popular bags from Michael Kors are large or oversized bags. This is because they are commonly used. They are loved for their space and ability to carry many things when traveling.  They are convenient to the travelers as they accommodate all the staff needed to travel with. The presence of compartments is also an added advantage as you will put your things in order. It makes it easy for retrieval.

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There are many reasons why you should consider buying Michael Kors handbags. Not only is this an iconic brand, but it also offers all kinds of high-quality bags to suit your style and personality. The best Michael Kors handbags for women have a sophisticated structure and quality materials to last longer.

Regarding Michael Kors bags price, their prices range between 100- 400 bucks based on the type of bag choose. You can visit any Michael Kors outlet online and select a wide range of handbags in different designs, shapes, and sizes. So you can pick any suitable to match your fashion goals.

Best Michael Kors Handbags for Women in 2021
Best Michael Kors Handbags for Women in 2021

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