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Shop Deal of the Day
Shop Deal of the Day

Deal of the day can be found throughout That is available on the Prime Day page or Today’s Deals page option. It is available, one per customer, inventory is claimed until either the promotion period for the deal expires or all the available.

Since Lightning Deals and today’s deal are related with short period of time. It is very sensitive and important to complete your order as soon as possible before the deal expires. Here you can sign up to find deal of the day and watch a Lightning Deal up to 24 hours before from it begins.

Below mention featured you’ll see, when a Lightening deals as well as today’s deal will be available:

The item featured of deal

The Current or final price and the promotional discount amount (tax is not included).
After starting deals, a status bar will show the percentage of deals that have already been claimed.
How long you have to add the item to your Cart to claim the promotional discount that will show with a timer .

If promotional discounts are available an “Add to Cart” button will show .

Special Note 1:

On the Prime Day, all of Deals are exclusive to Prime Members only.

Special Note 2:

On the time when the promotional discounts for a Lightning Deals are held by other customers, anyone’ll see a wish list button to Join and the status bar will show also, that 100% of the promotional discounts are currently being held in other customers’ Carts or purchase the deal that have already been used.

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