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Planet Audio AC1500 1M Monoblock Car Amplifier

Planet Audio AC1500 1M Monoblock Car Amplifier
Planet Audio AC1500 1M Monoblock Car Amplifier

The type of car amplifier that you choose affects your car’s sound system. If you do not want to replace different audio components in the long run, make sure that you buy the right car amplifier. One of the best car amplifier that I would recommend you to try is the planet audio ac1500 1m. Having this amplifier in your car takes your music experience to a higher level. Again, you have control over the sound. Planet audio amp 1500 has variable low pass crossover, remote subwoofer control, and bass boost.

This allows you to customize the sound the way you want. You will always get a loud and clear sound with this unit. There are amazing features that you will love about this car amplifier. Let us have a closer look at an in-depth review of this amplifier so that you can get a better understanding.

High and low-level input

This Remote Subwoofer Control amplifier has both high level and low-level inputs that offer incredible flexibility that you need. The high-level input can accept speaker signals from factory radio that doesn’t have a low-level input. On the other hand, a low level accepts pre-amp outputs signals of the source unit. The planet audio ac1500 1m has low-level inputs, also known as RCA inputs that interconnect the cables to the unit. In most cases, you will find that many aftermarket radios are designed with several pairs of RCA outputs to allow connection with different amplifiers.

Low pass crossover

This amplifier is equipped with a low pass filter which refers to an electronic circuit. It is responsible for removing the notes that are below the frequency setting of the filter. The main aim of this filter is to eliminate high notes from your subwoofer.

Power Output

Planet audio amp provides you with 1500 watt to amps at 2 Ohms in one channel. The unit has a maximum power output of 750 watts at 4 Ohms in one channel. This amplifier powers your subwoofers, so they get enough power to provide you with a breathtaking performance.

Variable Bass Boost

This is another amazing feature that gives you the chance to adjust the low bass the way you want. On top of that, the amplifier features a variable gain control to allow you to balance amp output with your speakers. When there is too much gain, you are likely to experience distortion. Again, if it is too little, clipping can take place.


  • Features chrome-plated connections
  • Has high and low-level inputs
  • Designed with protection LEDs
  • Has a variable subsonic filter
  • Easy to install in various places
  • You can control and customize your sound


  • Complaints on poor quality control
  • Base control knob doesn’t work well

Frequently asked Questions

Is this amp enough to power 1 pioneer tsw307d2 at 4ohms or 1 pioneer tsw3002d4 at 2ohm?
I am running a TSW310D4 at 2 ohms and it is more than adequate for it. Love the amp does not get hot. It is great for one 12″

Does this amplifier come with a bass knob?
Yes, this one comes with a bass knob.

What amp will do for 3 fusions 12?
The amp is Moonoblock, for one sub. I parallel wired them for me kickers.

Will this amp power all 4 of my subs?
I may be two of them. It also depends on the wattage pf the subs.

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Final Verdict

Planet audio car amplifiers are designed to allow you to enjoy your music. The planet audio ac1500 1m is one of their best car amplifiers that is packed with many amazing features. You can easily customize the sound you want using the variable low pass crossover and the bass boost.

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