How to Join Audible Gift Memberships

How to Join Audible Gift Memberships
How to Join Audible Gift Memberships

Audible is a storytelling feature that makes you listen to one of the best Audiobook. Audible has thousands of audiobooks on various genres. Audible is the best storytelling collection site for many genres you can listen to. You can gift a relative or even a friend with one of these audiobooks. This under the Audible Gift Memberships program.

To send an audiobook gift to someone you only need an audible gift membership promo code. With this, your gift recipient will enjoy listening. Talk of Love, motivational, science fiction, romance, horrors/thrillers. All these are available under the Audible Gift Memberships program. Joining this membership guarantees inspirations, motivation and lots of entertainment.

The storytelling site is very educative, inspirational and also entertain to the listeners. Sending an audiobook can be a great gift to a close friend. To do this Audible is here to ease the process of gifting. This is through the Audible gift Membership.

To learn more about how to join, the importance and benefits of Audible Gift Membership take a look at this article.

Why we should join?

Joining Audible Gift Membership comes with lots of advantages. Not only is it cost-effective but it is also fun and convenient as we will realize below.

Join Audible Gift Memberships

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Reasons why you should join:


The cost-effectiveness of this program is one thing that should inspire you to join it. The different packages to choose from come at a very friendly price. You will fill like paying something more after listening for you will think what you paid or is not enough. The audible gift memberships promo code is friendly and that is why you need to join.

Easy to listen

Unlike any other audiobooks site which is difficult to listen to. Audible is very easy to listen to. This is especially with the Audible App.  Which is effective to listen to anywhere anytime. Thus, using the Audible Gift Memberships will be awesome. The Gift recipient will be able to listen well.

Quality and variety of Genres

Joining this membership will also guarantee you a variety of choices to send a gift. Audible has a variety of Audiobook thus, it will ensure that you will never luck a good one to send as a gift. Furthermore, you can choose a variety of genres. This is depending on the gift recipient’s preferences.

You need to join Audible for it gives an option to you Gift recipient to choose another audiobook. This is in case he/she has ever listened to the one sent.

Faster Delivery of the Gifts

Another reason for Audible Gift Memberships is because they deliver gifts very fast. The delivery is very fast by either through Email or a printed copy as you desire. The process will be very fast for delivery on time. Furthermore, you will be able to customize the gift before sending it.

Anywhere and Anytime Listening

Moreover, the Audiobooks in Audible are accessible and you can listen anywhere. This provides unlimited access by gift recipients. This is especially if you use the Audible app which is very fast and easy to use.

Join Audible Gift Memberships

That is why you need to join the Audible gift membership. Now let us look at the key features;

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Top 5 Important Features Audible Gift Membership


An important feature is that it is flexible. His is that the Audible gift Membership comes in various packages. This makes it possible to accommodate each person depending on the rate of viewing. The packages vary depending on Memberships duration that the Gift recipient will enjoy.

There are 4 Audible gift Memberships to choose from the 1,3,6 & 12 Month packages. This flexibility is to suit each person’s pocket. This is either the big gifts (expensive) or even the small gift packages (cheap). You thus have no chance of limiting yourself to the cost.

Furthermore, you can choose according to the recipient’s listening attitudes. This is because some listen more often and those who listen less often. Thus, you can choose a bigger duration or a small duration. This is depending on the recipient’s preference.

Variety of selection

There is a variety of sections on topics or themes that one can listen to. Audible platforms guarantee different genres. Thus, accommodating everyone and people of different ages. It also features a well-organized collection of books according to the genres. To simplify the process of searching for the book you want.

It is for this reason that when you opt to use Audible gift membership to send Audiobook gifts. You will always have a gift to choose from. When the recipient is facing some life situations. You can get a book corresponding to the situation.

The team has improved it to be able to get what you want. In the real sense looking for a single book among thousands of audiobooks may be tiresome. But with Audible, it becomes very easy. This is accredited to the proper categorization of books. Thus, you need to enroll in the Audible Gift Memberships.

Free Audible App

The audible app feature is a very important feature that is also available. You can access Audible gift Memberships anytime & anywhere. This is with the Audible App feature. The app is free to use. This is to help your gift recipient more fun.

With the app, you get a chance to have an experience with the world’s largest audiobook sourcing. The app facilities the selection of audiobooks and audio entertainment. This will be an ease for you as the sender and also to the gift recipient.

Additionally, you can use the audible gift membership promo code on the app. This becomes easy to use it. Hence, the App is one feature of its kind that shows you a need to make use of Audible gift memberships.

Discounted Prices

There is also a feature of reduced prices in the Audible platform. After buying the first book you get the second one onwards at a discounted price. On any extra book, you buy you get up to 30% off. Thus, you can gift more books and audios.

The feature is very important for it ensures you do not spend much. This is unlike other platforms that will never give any form of discount to their customers. This will encourage you to send more and more gifts thus, making your friends happy.

This is evident in the Audible gift Memberships offered by the Audible team. There will always be discounts on extra books gifting thus you don’t invite more.

Email Reminders

Another important feature is that the Audible team always sends a confirmation Email. This is to the gift recipient to inform them of a gift received. The feature is very useful to ensure that the recipient receives the gift on time.

Email reminders that sent by the Audible team will always include customized information. This is to ensure that the gift recipient can know that you are the sender. It also gives them a guideline on using audible gift membership promo code for them to get gifts.

Furthermore, there will be reminder emails in case the gift is not redeemed. This reminded will help the gift recipient not to forget redeeming the gifts.

Join Audible Gift Memberships

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How to join: (Details joining guide)

An Audio Gift Memberships is very good for Audible Devotee. It is also good for those who are yet to realize their love for Audiobooks. Here are the simple steps on how to join;

Go to the Gift Center

The first step it to visit the Audible Gift center. Search on your search engine the word “Audible gift Center”. Then click on the relevant site link.

Then select the gift membership

The next step is to select the membership you want. This will be among the four options available. You will either choose the:

  • 1 month
  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month
  • 12 Month
  • Now enter information on the gift on the next page.

The first thing to choose will be to choose if you want the gift to send via Email or printed.

  1. Print – When you choose the print option. The gift will undergo printing. Then you will receive then sent to you so that you can deliver it.
  2. Email – If you choose the Email option the Gift will go through by Email to the gift recipient.

Then you will enter your personal information and that of the recipient as follows.

  • Recipient’s Email – This is the email that will receive the Email.
  • Recipient’s name – In this section, you will input the receiver’s name.
  • From – Next you will input your name, you as the sender of the Gift.
  • Delivery date – Then choose the date you want the gift delivered.

You will also be able to add a message. Next select the card and enter the details. Input the payment gateway you will be using and your personal information. Then click on the continue button. Then preview the details.

Preview the details then click Buy Now the price you will choose to complete your purchase. This will be the final step.

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Others Benefits or features with a short sentence

-Lots of Educative, Inspiring and Entertaining audios available.

– Audible offers a chance to change a book in case the gift recipient has ever read the book.

Join Audible Gift Memberships

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Final Verdict

The Audible Gift Memberships are the best way to send gifts. Audible contains many audiobooks and audio entertainment material. This is why you need to join it to have a better experience. Your gift recipient will always be happy with the gifts you send to them.

Thus, when you want to send audiobooks as gifts. Choose to use Audible Gift Memberships and You will not feel disappointed.


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