How to join Amazon Prime student

How to join Amazon Prime student
How to join Amazon Prime student

We all know how College can be expensive, especially when you are struggling financially. As any college student saving a few bucks can make a significant difference and help you when you need it. If you are wondering how you can collect from each of the school items that you have to buy, then Amazon Prime student can help you with that.

Buy now you have heard of Amazon Prime, and you must be thinking what the heck is prime student? Amazon Prime student gives all the best features of Amazon prime at a 50% discount to all college students who subscribe to it.

The prime student membership is exclusively available to university and college students. The Prime student plan is affordable, and you can get it on a monthly payment plan after enjoying a free 6-month trial period. Below we shall show you why it is crucial to join Prime student, the benefits that come with it, and the signup process.

Why we should join

There are plenty of reasons why it’s necessary to join Amazon Prime student. College can be tough and expensive, and the best way you can save money on stuff like school supplies and textbooks is to join Prime student. You will get several discounts for students that you won’t get on Amazon Prime.

Once you subscribe, you will get access to most of the Amazon Prime benefits like free two-day shipping on, among others. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, whether it’s textbooks, clothing, dorm room supplies, or even furniture. You will find everything on Amazon, and your items will get to you without long delays.

Furthermore, the prime student is only available to enrolled students. That means you’ll get lots of student offers that you will not find anywhere else. Your subscription will only end after four years or strictly when you leave school.

If you already have a Prime account, once you join Amazon Prime student, you will be refunded the money you paid for the remainder of your existing prime subscription. That happens just before you are verified for a Prime student account.

Essential features of Amazon Prime student

Prime Video

Get unlimited streaming of thousands of award-winning Amazon originals, movies, and TV shows. Prime video cams to Prime student subscribers for free. You can get to relax and enjoy your favorite movies or TV show at no extra cost.

With Prime Video, you will often stream exclusive TV shows and movies. Getting access to them is so much easier than when you have a Netflix or Hulu account. You will also get to stream some old HBO content.

Risk-free 6 Month Trial of Amazon Prime

Amazon will open you up to an opportunity to serve money with a 6-month trial of amazon prime to Prime student members. During this trial period, you can get to access all the Amazon Prime benefits for free. The fact that Amazon Prime has more benefits than the Amazon Prime student, during the trial period, you can quickly get all the benefits.

The trial period can let you sample prime and see if it’s worth an investment. You will not get this offer if you subscribe directly to Amazon Prime. Instead, you’ll get the standard 30-day free trial. Once your trial period ends by then, you will know whether it’s what you need, and if you choose to go on with it, you will only pay 50% less than amazon prime members.

Early Access to Deals and Promotions

The prime student comes with prime access 30-minute early access to several excellent deals. These deals are got on, and also get new cells on You will get exclusive deals and of course at a discount.

Also, you will have access to student and contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. You are likely to take advantage of promotions such as the Amazon student days that ran for three days in October 2015. Such developments offer special discounts on all your favorite items as well as free giveaways. With the Prime student, be sure to look out for those great offers.

Prime Delivery

It also comes with excellent delivery benefits. The free one-day delivery lets you order from millions of products, and you can filter delivery to “get it tomorrow,” depending on your location. All you have to do is to look for the One Day logo, add your preferred items to the cart and then select the delivery option to check out.

Additionally, you can also get a free same-day delivery option for items ordered before noon. There is also the free two-day delivery option with no minimum order threshold. These free delivery options can help you get your items like textbooks dorm furniture and other class requirements faster.

Prime Music

With a prime student account, you can get access to ad-free unlimited music. Prime music lets you stream over 50 million ad-free songs on any of your devices. You also have access to any song of your choice, and you can also get to listen offline with unlimited skips.

Prime Music is compatible with Alexa, and you can sit back and enjoy the music in your dorm, depending on your mood, hands-free. The service is not available during the 6-month free trial, but you can get it at a special discount exclusive to Prime student members.

How to join Amazon Prime student

If you are getting ready to go back to school and you feel a little unprepared because you still have to buy tons of items, then it’s time you joined Amazon Prime student. Below you will find all the details you need on how you can join Prime student today.


First of all, you must have an Amazon account. In case you don’t have one, you can create it. Like we mentioned before, it’s only exclusive to students, so you must be actively enrolled in a class at university or a college.

A valid .edu email address is also another requirement you will need to become a Prime student member. This email doesn’t need to be connected to your Amazon account. It will only be used to verify that you are indeed a student.

In most cases, you will need to provide documentation to show you enrolled in a university or college. This is if Amazon requests you to.

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Here is how you can sign up

Step 1. Go to Amazon Prime student sign up to create your account

Step 2. Enter your valid .edu email address and when you expect to graduate. This way, Amazon will verify you for a Prime student account. You will then receive a verification email to your student address for confirmation.

Note. Just in case you don’t own a .edu email, you will have to instead send Amazon an email with your school documentation like your class list or school ID to Amazon-student verification That way, you will be verified for Prime student regardless of the Lack of .edu email.

Step 3. Enter your credit card information. Even though you will start with a six month trial period, Amazon will charge the card you entered once the period is over. If you feel that Amazon Prime student isn’t for you before the 6-month are done, you can easily cancel your account.

Step 4. Enter a shipping/ billing address plus your phone number. This way, Amazon will know where they are always going to be sending your items and how they can contact you.

Step 5. Start your free 6-month subscription after you sign up.

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Other Prime student benefits

Get to store your photos securely with the prime photos which offer unlimited photo storage. When in college, expect to capture lots of memories. The images can easily be accessed anywhere.

You will get a Cashback to every referral you make to your friends to join Prime student. When you refer a friend, both get a cash gift.

Twitch Prime gets you bonus games as well as exclusive in-game content. You will also get a free monthly subscription to The twitch affiliate or any other partner channel of your choice.

Also, prime reading lets you have unlimited access to thousands of magazines, comics, books, and a whole lot more.

Another benefit is a 20% discount on all pre-orders as well as new release video games.

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Final verdict

All in all, Amazon Prime student is worth your money and time. With the numerous benefits of being a member, you will not only get the best items and services, but you will also get them at a 50% discount. Much as you can get all the services from elsewhere, know you will spend much less once you subscribe.

Prime Student is a better deal for the best discounts for students. We hope this guide has enlightened you on why you need this account, the various benefits that you will get plus a little help on the whole sign up process. We highly recommend a prime student account to all college and university students to save more.


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