How to Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

How to Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial
How to Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Do you have a baby or expecting one soon? Are you looking to save on baby items and generally make parenting easier for you? If yes, then amazon family might just be what you are looking for. Amazon family is a family-focused service under Amazon that provides families with exclusive discounts, coupons and offers in various categories. It comes with a regular amazon prime membership. It’s alright if you do not have the amazon prime membership. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to join amazon family 30-day free trial. This is a one-month free trial, after which you will get to decide whether you wish to stay or not. But believe me, once you get to experience what amazon family has to offer, chances are; you will choose to stay.

Why You Should Join Amazon Family:

The most obvious reason is saving. Joining amazon family helps save a lot of cash as it offers amazing discounts on childcare and baby products like diapers, baby wipes, baby food, childproofing outfit; the list is endless. Other than discounts, amazon family also offers parenting guidance and information depending on the child’s age; from birth all the way to 12 years. Once you sign up for Amazon family, you will gain access to a myriad of information on product list and suggestions from top-ranking parenting experts. If you wish to share prime with family, amazon household which is a provision under amazon family will let you share benefits with your entire family

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Amazon Family Benefits:

When you join amazon family, you will be entitled to a number of benefits that will improve your parenting journey. These features include;

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Exclusive Baby Registry Bonuses:

Baby registry is like a baby’s wish listwhere soon-to-be parents sign up with a store for the items they’d like to have for their baby in advance. With Amazon household, which is a part of amazon family, will get you remarkable deals on your baby registry including a 10% completion discount on the registry items(prime members get up to 15% off), a free welcome box of items for baby and parents and a free 90-day return policy.

You will also be able to add items from other items to your amazon registry under the universal registry option. A first-time parent needs a lot of items for the baby and it may be quite expensive to buy all the required items by yourself even with the big discounts offered. For this reason amazon baby registry has a group gifting category, where friends and family contribute towards the buying the baby gifts.

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Grand Family Deals and coupons     

What I like most about amazon family is the fact that they always have great deals not only on baby products but also on everyday essentials for the family such as laundry detergent, toilet cleaners and snacks among other things. As soon as you sign up, you get a 20% discount on amazon diapersand eligible items including baby food on your baby registry.

Another great deal that is available on Amazon family is the Amazon FreeTime. This is a service for your kids which gives them unlimited access to games, apps, movies and TV shows that are suitable for their age. This is quite convenient as you don’t have to worry about the information and type of media that your kid has access to when you are not with them. You are able to regulate the content they view and Amazon family will help you control this using the age information you provide on the Amazon child profile when creating their account.

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Amazon Household

Amazon household is a provision that allows members of your family to share prime benefits. This featurelets you create a single amazon identity for all your family members and you will be able to regulate and control it. This programs allows two adults (aged 18 years and above) and up to 4 teens (aged between 13-17 years old)and four children (up to 12 years old) to connect into one household. There are plenty of benefits that you will be able to share. Adults in a household are able to share the following benefits;

  • Shipping benefits: these include prime now delivery benefits, free two-day prime shipping and amazon fresh (for amazon fresh members)
  • Digital benefits: prime reading and prime video, amazon photos and audible channels.
  • Discounts and selects: prime early access and 2% reward on your gift card each time youreload your account with a linked debit card

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Rewards of amazon family

You can also let your teens shop on their own. All you have to do is approve their orders, delivery address and provide the credit card to handle the payment. Teens can also share twitch prime, prime video and prime shipping if the parent is a prime member.  Kids of 12 years and below cannot shop on their own, but you can set up parental control on FireTv and Fire tablets. This way you will manage each of the kid’s content separately. You can also create an Amazon family library through which you and other members of the families can share e-books.

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Amazon Music and Videos

If you are a lover of music, whatever genre it is that you like, amazon music gives you access to loads of songs, stations and playlists. Whether you are just chilling at home, on a road tripor even at work, you can always listen to your favorite music for as long as you want to. And the best part? It is ad-free!

 You can also watch TV shows, movies, animations and so much more on Amazon videos. Your kids too will be able to watch their favorite cartoons from their devices, so no more fighting over the remote. Amazon videos is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Xbox, play station, Fire Tv and many other devices. And just like in Amazon Free Time, you can also manage the kind of information your kid has access to with the Amazon music and Amazon video features.

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Parental Guidance  Articles    

Amazon family is a service that is totally family-oriented. This does not mean that it only focuses on a setting with parents and all-grown kids. Even first-time parents, expectant mothers are taken care of. And for this reason, Amazon family offers guidance articles and information on parenting to its members from top influencers and parenting experts and professional via email newsletters. You are given information that you would have otherwise not received. You will also receive regular updates and suggestions on available products and discounts.

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How to JoinAmazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

If you are an Amazon prime member then you can join Amazon family in under minute at no cost at all. But for non-prime members, you need to sign up for Amazon prime 30-day free trial. Here’s how to get the free trial;

  1. Log into Amazon, then go to Amazon prime free trial.
  2. Click on start your 30-Day free trial. You will be given instructions to follow
  3. Provide the required information such as payment method and other details required. Once you have given all the details, you are ready to start your free trial.

Once you have signed up for Amazon prime free trial can now join Amazon Family in just a few steps. Head to the Amazon family page and you can add members to your Amazon family.

  1. Create an Amazon child profile by giving your child’s details; birthday, name and gender. The name part is optional and if you not wish to have your baby’s name saved you can provide any random name or skip it all together.
  2. You are now set to explore the millions of deals that Amazon Family package has to offer including discounts on parenting e-books, baby products and other essentials.

On the home page you will receive top suggestions based on your baby’s age and other personalized content. Once you have signed up you can find baby and child care items with discounts up to 30% off and start saving on all the child-targeted products and services that you will need throughout your baby’s life. You also get a 20% off diapers when you order under subscribe and save

There are other features available in Amazon family such as family vault which is a platform where prime members have access and can view all their photos.

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Final verdict

Amazon family is an incredible provision by Amazon. It offers a lot for just $119 per year or you could opt for the monthly subscription offer at $12.99 under Amazon prime. New subscribers get a free 30-day free trial offer which can always be cancelled. Amazon family has many benefits to families from parental guidance, tons of discounts and other family-related services and products. It is most convenient for people who regularly shop online. Also, if you like your deliveries made in days,then you need this. When you join amazon family, you get the chance to experience all the above benefits and for an initial 30-day free trial. The benefits are worth it all.

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