How to Create Audible Romance Free Trial

How to Create Audible Romance Free Trial
How to Create Audible Romance Free Trial

Readers are diligent people and the most dedicated. When it comes to romance, most people have a huge desire to read more than they can. To ensure you achieve just what you want  totry joining the audible romance free trial. A subscription in an audible romance package warrants that you listen to a thousand books in a short time. After joining, you will earn a free subscription for one month.

The free package gives you time to test hence you got a chance to change your decision. Though with the excellent features in this package you will be fully lured to subscribe fully. The package has very amazing features that make your listening very enjoyable more than actual reading. The audiobooks are well chosen to fit all the readers. Furthermore it contains a thousand books giving you a variety to choose.

Features of the Audiobook Romance Free Trial

The fantastic features of this package are countless. Moreover, I will highlight just a few of them and discuss them in detail.

Get the good parts

Searching for audiobooks can be very a tiresome task with a package that contains multiple audiobooks. This fantastic audible romance free trial package is designed to make the search almost effortless. It is sturdily-equipped with unique features for time-saving and yet lets you access your audiobook conveniently.

Searching for an audiobook in this package is a simple task. Further, it contains categories and subcategories of their books. It enables you to explore a book by its title in its categories, which saves time. Besides, the package can take you to the parts you want to read. This feature allows you to access the scenes that make you smile in a blink of an eye. Besides it facilitates listening the audiobook in parts at different times. It is such a versatile book that conveniently fits your schedule and interest at a particular time.

All books in one package

Most of the packages display few audiobooks in a specific category. Such a feature hinders you from accessing a variety of books in a single package. Dangerously, with such a package, it may force you to have different subscriptions in different packages. That can lead to high use of your cash and also time wastage when switching from one package to another

Luckily it is not the case with this awesome package that contains popular love stories. It displays multiple audiobooks from many authors. Moreover, you can access the books using the author’s name. With its unique characteristics, a vast number of authors prefer it hence making their books available. An added advantage, all the books at your disposal in the package are thoroughly-scrutinized.

Celebrity narrations

I got the nature of stalking my favorite celebrity, especially their speeches in public. It is as a result of their amazing speeches that got a magical way of rejuvenating my strength and making my day flourish. If you are like me ,then this is a package that got you covered with narrations from worldwide celebrities. In case you are not following a celebrity narrations then you should start from now

Audible romance free trial package collaborates with the top narrators of classic love stories. This top narrator ensures to have vast expertise in narrations that makes you feel the book and create an imaginary image of the characters and their actions. It is a package that never fails to ensure that you relate to the character’s thoughts and emotions. Such expertise makes it useful for romance stories that you want to feel every thrill of action

Free subscription

When purchasing an item, you will mostly tend to go for an item that has a sample. It is mainly to ensure that your hard-earned dollars you spend on a worth item that meets all your expectations. A free subscription of audiobooks is a rare feature, and that is what makes this package outstand every other in the market

For the first month after signing in(which will be highlighted later), you will earn yourself a free subscription. This subscription ensures you do thorough testing on the package and ensure it meets all your expectations, though it will. However, after the first month you will have to incur a small fee. As a kindle unlimited member you will incur only 6.95 dollars per month, which is affordable fee equitable to the classic audiobooks you will access. In case you are not a kindle unlimited member ,use $12.95 per month for our subscription.


Usability is a critical feature that you should always put in consideration when making purchases. It determines the functionalities and the viability to avail the best love stories to read. Nevertheless, the usability is perfectly-determined by various features. Thus it is essential to have a thorough checkup during the free subscription. For enhanced usability ,this package allows you to return the title of the audiobook using an android app in your handheld gadget.

Additionally, if you require multiple love stories to read, the audible romance free trial allows you to binge a total of 10 books at a time. A huge number to binge promises a series of audiobooks lined up for you. The best bit is that you will return the audiobook when you are through without any unrealistic deadlines. Besides ,you can cancel a sign up of a package. Canceling of a subscription enables you to skip a month subscription during your vacation or when quite busy. However the canceled subscription can be used in the next month after you are off from your busy schedule.

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Other Features Include

  • Multiple of audiobooks in a single binge
  • Access to vastly experienced authors and well-scrutinized books
  • A simple signing in process
  • Different genres of books
  • Relatable narrations from the experts
  • Canceling of a subscription is possible
  • The app can be easily-installed in the handheld gadgets
  • You can return the book online

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Joining Guide of Audible Romance Free Trial

With the above convincing features and many more, I am sure you got a conviction to join the audible romance free trial package. Signing in is not a bed of roses, especially without the necessary guidelines. To keep you safe, in this section ,I will highlight the steps you should follow for the free membership and later on the premium signing in.

First, for the 30-day free trial membership, you should click on the trial membership. On this page, you will be required to enter your email or the phone number. Ensure you enter an active email account for any confirmation. You will also be required to enter your login password ,then you can sign in. A credit card will be required after the trial period ends; thus it is essential to attach it. To attach the credit card you can choose your account from the displayed accounts. If your account is not on the, you can add it before continuing to the next step

Secondly, you can also sign in for the romance package. You can borrow ten books at a time and listen to them without the rush to meet the deadline. To sign up for the romance package, go to the signup page for the romance section. Once on the page, click on ta ry for free or if you are doing the premium do as instructed in the page.

Also, you will have to attach your credit card by choosing the displayed or adding it on the page. Once you are through, click on the start now for an immediate start-up. As an indication of complete signing in, a welcome page will appear. Binging of the books can be done immediately, unlike other packages thus you can have a happy listening.

Join Now

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Final verdict

If you are adventurous and like to have huge imaginations, then I guess you are an all-time fan of stories. Nothing sounds pleasing like the possibility of reading multiple stories as you can. As a deeplyengaged reader you got a feeling that you have made the impossible happen. Audible romance free trial package is robustly-equipped ensuring all your top authors and stories are in the same page. It avails a multiple of audiobooks that are effortless to search with the subcategories and categories. An unplanned subscription that collides with your tight schedule is no longer a thorn in your flesh.

You can cancel the subscription in a single click and yet use it when you are free. Unlike other packages, this package gives a free subscription in the first month after signing in. With such a feature, you got a chance to be fully assured that your cash is will be a bridge to your expectations. It is a package that I have tried and promises a good time in your lifetime.  Their narrators are in another super level for narrations that you can relate and also create the images of your favorite characters.

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