How to Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

How to Create an Amazon Wedding Registry
How to Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Are you looking for the best wedding registry? If yes, the Amazon wedding registry is very easy to sign up and perform all other activities.  With Amazon wedding registry, will help you and your partner to begin your marriage in style.  Registering your wedding gifts with Amazon will ensure that you get all that you wanted. The wedding registry derivers all the traditional gifts like bath towels, china sets, and similar alternative.

It offers a wide range of inventory selection as compared to other wedding registries. Amazon wedding registry ensures that you can share your wishes with relatives and friends via facebook, email, twitter. With an Amazon wedding registry, you can add your partner’s details and be able to make changes from each one’s Amazon account. For a secure the wedding registry, you need to create an account with Amazon. For more information on how to to create a wedding registry with Amazon, and then you need to go through the review.

Why you should join Amazon wedding registry

Nowadays, everything is done online to simplify the process and make the activity easy. Therefore when planning for a wedding, it’s good you have an registry. With this registry, the process of organizing will be straightforward and effective. Amazon registry will offer several benefits that will make you join the platform

Thank-you list: the Amazon will automatically list the entire guest you bought gifts from the registry. This will help to make it easy for you to follow up. Therefore you can easily send thanks to your guests you contributed to the success of your party.

Free and fast shipping: with the Amazon registry, you are guaranteed free delivery of all the items and gist in one stock. No addition payment to large items and delivery made within the stipulated time.

Three all items in one place: make it easy and effective for your guests to shop by getting an Amazon wedding registry. Also, unique wedding registry ideas provided for practical shopping.

180 day return:incase the couch doesn’t fit, or the color isn’t excellent for you then you can return within 180 days.

Group gifting: you have to worry no more about expensive items to your registry. With the Amazon registry, your relatives and friends can contribute to buy a particular item.

See what’s inside:before the items start to pile up, you can see the X-ray to ensure that everything is in order. You can tab and scan to identify the gifts provided.

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1. Gift prioritization

For you to have a colorful wedding, you need to categories the type of items you need. While planning for your wedding, make sure the essential items or gifts has the priority. The only way you can do so is by having an Amazon wedding registry. This helps to ensure that the essential items are available in the wedding day.This wedding registry gives the owner of the account to group his/her gifts.

You can easily list the most prestigious awards that you prefer most.  On your registry, you can list the items with the high priority up to the one with low priority. This ability makes the Amazon wedding registry more unique from the rest of the wedding registries. In addition, you a specific gift you do not need for it. You can easily remove it from the gift lists. It helps to make sure that your guests will provide only the needed items.

2. Universal registry

If you need a wedding registry account, then Amazon is the best platform to go for. You can download the Amazon website for free from any browser.  If you have a wedding registry, then you have made a significant step toward the success of your wedding. With this type of wedding registry, you can effectively add gifts or items from any other wedding registry site. Some of the sites are; bath and beyond, target, or bed.

This function helps to ensure that all the items are available during the wedding day. Unlike other wedding registry site, Amazon correctly groups all the items according to their original place.  Guests and other people will purchase the gifts on the 3rd party site for them to be reflected in the registry site. While buying the items from the 3rd party, your shipping address will be entered. However, they will be able to view the details or gifts on your wedding wish list.

3. Access and privacy

Before you decide the type of wedding registry to go for, it’s recommended you look ifs it secure. For that reason, the Amazon wedding registry is very reliable and safe and provides access to authorized people only.  With the Amazon wedding registry, you will be able to see when you set it up. In addition, it offers unique wedding registry ideas as compared to similar registries.

In addition, you can make it visible by some people who have the link. You can as well make it visible to you only or by the public. If it’s apparent by the public, it means that everyone can view and anything in the list. Apart from that, if it’s viewable by the people, then they can find it by searching and then indicate your name. For more access, you can share the gift list with your relatives and friends through facebook, twitter Instagram, or email.

4. Shopping by room, hobby or at the wedding shop

When doing your shopping, you are guaranteed to ensure you get all the items you require in one place. Unlike other registries, Amazonhas wedding registry items grouped according to different categories. The items are grouped in various types, therefore, depending on different ideals. You can decide to shop for all your items in your hobby. This feature makes your entire wedding gift to be in line with your hobby.

In addition to that, you can decide to shop by room. This helps to ensure that all the items that you require in your wedding day you get them in one room. Unlike other sites, the  wedding registry provides all the things in one place. To make the purchase easy, all the required items are delivered in the wedding shop. Not only can you access the shopping room or hobby, but your guests can purchase in the same way.

5. Completion discount

It’s incredibly disappointing to have some gifts left in your wish list. But with the Amazon wedding registry, you have not to worry anymore. The Amazon registry completion discount is available to uplift your spirits. The user promo code will let you save the remaining items and gifts you wish to purchase.

You are required to enter the checkout code for you to redeem your discount. This feature is not common to other site registries’ thus; you have all the reasons to go for the Amazon wedding registry. You can receive a discount in two forms; if you are non-prime members or prime member. Each category gets a discount different from the other.

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Notable exclusions are:

  • Any registries with no quest purchase
  • Gifts sold by the non-Amazon seller
  • Any registries created within the last 30 days to the wedding day
  • Prime student, invitee and trial members

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How to join Amazon wedding registry

To create an account with Amazon registry, follow the steps below.

  1. Click to the wedding registry or wish list in your Amazon account (at any of the pages and then click wedding registry page to begin your registration)
  2. Click the “get started” button and follow the steps provided on the screen by the Amazon to register. Note. It’s recommended to provide the correct details; your name, address, city, state, your partner’s name. The guests will be able to see the state, city, and the name provided.
  3. Click “submit.
  4. You need to add items you need to your registry
  5. Click“add to Amazon wedding registry.”

For you, the Amazon wedding registry to work, you need first to create an account with Amazon. In addition, your friends and guests need to create an account as well for them to make any purchase for you.  For easy work to your work, the following details you need to provide when you register.

  • Your original name and your partner’s names
  • The date of the wedding
  • The location of the wedding
  • You’re shipping address/ your location where the items will be delivered.
  • The city and address

After the above steps are complete, then you are free to start adding your favorite items.

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Final verdict

Not all the sites are worth to provide wedding registers. Amazon wedding registry offers all that you need for a colorful wedding in one place. The Amazon registry is well known for its effective and easy to use.  The large items section makes it easy to add different products from the Amazon website and other related sites.

Compared to similar wedding registry sites, Amazon has the highest selection of products in the world.  The large items allow you to add a lot of items with varying prices on your registry. Create your wedding registry with Amazon and enjoy huge benefits from the Amazon wedding registry.

Enjoy Amazon Wedding Registry

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