What are The Best Vibration Plate Exercises? (2022)

March 17, 2022

For those people facing the problem of obesity, Best Vibration Plate Exercises have been their ideal solution to lower body weight and burn fats. Best Vibration Plate Exercises are very effective in performing a whole-body vibration to jog up your muscles from head to toe. Multidirectional vibrations stimulate the nervous system and keep it alert. They are used to force the muscles to do work.

The vibration plate also called the ‘power plate’ is used in the gym to send high-speed vibrations through all the muscles in the body. They stimulate muscles at a higher rate than the usual ones.

It normally forces the muscles to relax and contract at the rate of 30 and 50 times a second. They are very good for an exercise warm-up, intensifying the usual workout and also post-workout recovery.

Best Vibration Plate Exercises

To engage your muscle core, you can do a variety of best vibration plate Exercises rather than just standing on the machine. This will help you improve your flexibility and build your muscle strength.

All you need to do is start out slowly and then gradually increase the vibration intensity of the plate to wind up or warm-up before a gym workout. The following are the best vibration plate Exercises you can try while on a vibration plate and challenge your muscles.



Including squats in your workout can be very beneficial and is one of the best ways to try out your vibration plate with. Squats provide an easy workout for both genders and all types of ages that can be comfortably performed over the vibration plate.

This allows you to select the level of intensity you want or gradually increase it to give your muscles a harder challenge. It is one of the aforementioned ideal exercises that can be done over the vibration plate. You need to learn how to do squats perfectly and achieve the best results over the vibration plate.

First, start by standing at the center of the vibration plate while ensuring that both feet are firmly planted on the plate. You can then perform the squat as you would do while standing on a firm ground surface.

To keep the squats more intensified, place your arms at the back of your head and stretch them out. Then try increasing the speed of your squats ensuring that your back touches your feet in seconds to stretch your muscles.

During the first attempts where it may seem harder before adapting to the vibrating machine, you can try to forgo some rules such as putting your hands at the back of your head and stretching them out.

Hold onto a nearby bar if you shake much or onto a firm and stable surface to avoid unnecessary falls that can cause accidents.

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Doing lunges

Doing lunges

This is another type of wonderful exercise that can be done comfortably on a vibration plate and achieve very great results. Lunges can be performed in two methods depending on the one that suits you well. You can do them with the front foot or the rear foot placed on the vibration plate.

The other method involves having both feet on the vibration plate. If you are a beginner, go for the first method where the front foot will be placed on the plate and do the plunges facing the plate itself.

For more advanced best vibration plate exercises, do the plunges while facing away from the vibration plate with the rear foot placed on the plate. This will make your plunges very enjoyable. If you want to go for the extreme challenge to your muscles, you can do the plunges with both feet placed on the vibration plate.

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Push ups

Push ups

The squats and plunges are ideal for use over the vibration plate but they only benefit the lower muscles of the body. They are suitable for hips, thighs, and legs, and they effectively the muscle strength of these parts. They are not very helpful when it comes to strengthening the muscles of the upper body since no intensity gets to them.

For those interested in strengthening the muscles of the upper body and keeping them in shape, they should try doing some push-ups over the vibration plate. To achieve great results, ensure that you can start with your feet or your knees on the ground.

You can then put your hands on the vibration plates and start doing the push-ups. You will slowly by slowly become stronger. When you advance in these kinds of push-ups, you can rotate your body and bring the feet and the knees on the vibration plate.

This will intensify your workout and give more strength and stamina to your muscles. When you are doing exercise on an unstable work surface, as you reduce the contact points with the surface the workouts get harder. This makes the exercise more difficult but in turn, the muscle builds up gets better and greater.

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Performing planks

Performing planks

Planks are good for the core and effective body balancing. It is one of the most ideal core exercises that can be done over the plate. All you need to take care of is that your body must not have experienced former injuries on the lower back to avoid potential injuries.

You should also not try them while recovering from a surgical operation or have ever been operated on your lower back. This can cause potential injuries from using the vibration plate for planks.

To do effective planks, put your forearms on the vibration plate. You can wear long sleeves or put on a cushioned mat. You then push your lower body away from the platform until your back is straight with the knees on the floor.

You can then try the following; Lift your body weight for it to go through the knees and into your calves as they stay on the floor. You can also lift the body weight up off the platform while your knees are off the floor. Only your toes will remain in contact with the floor and you will definitely exercise your muscles with successful planks.

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This is a core exercise that will train your abdominal muscles and make them strong. The core contains the abs, oblique muscles that are found on the sides of your trunk, all the muscles in your pelvis, the lower back, and the hips. All these muscles do help in stabilizing the body.

To work on your abs, you can use a vibration plate to increase the stimulation on the muscles and make the work out harder. Ensure it is safe for you since it puts a lot of stress on the neck and back. Take the following steps to do crunches on a vibration plate.

First, lie down on your back with the hips placed over a stable ground. You then plant your feet on the vibration plate placed apart from your hip width. You then bend the knees and place the arms across your chest. You can then comfortably contract your abs and inhale.

You then exhale and lift the upper body ensuring that the head and neck are relaxed.

After that, you inhale and go back to the starting position. Ensure that you use your core to raise your upper body. Using your head or neck to generate movement increases the risk of injury. You can then move in a slow manner that is controlled.

Having rapid movements does not engage the right muscles. After mastering the proper form, you can place your hands behind your head and take care not to strain your neck.

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Shoulder stretch

Shoulder stretch

This is one of the best vibration plate exercises. that requires you to have hand straps fitted on your vibration plate. Most vibration plates come with them but if yours is not equipped with them or they somehow disappear, you can purchase some separately. You then stand on the vibration plate with the feet placed at an equal distance apart.

The hip distance width of feet separation is the best and will give you the best balance. You then pull the straps until the lower arm forms a right angle with the upper arm at the elbow level. You then try pulling your shoulder blades back as far as possible and hold to your longest time intervals.

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Hold ups

Hold ups

You may also want to work your chest, back shoulders, and lower body with hold-ups. This will interval of 15 seconds with a frequency of 22 to 28Hz. Keep your palms on the platform as you would do for the arms while doing planks. You adopt the same body position as that of planks.

You then slowly raise the upper body to the farthest level you can do comfortably as you keep your elbows bent. You can also make the workout harder and more challenging by keeping the knees and lower legs on the floor. You can also opt to put just your toes on the floor and then hold them.

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Jack knife

Jack knife

Doing a jack knife will be important for the back and abdominals. You do then for intervals of 30 seconds under a frequency of 22 to 28Hz on the vibration plate. For this kind of exercise, start by putting the back on the vibration plate in a sitting position.

You can then swivel round to place your feet on the stand as you keep your knees bent and the back flat on the floor while placing the arms out beside you. You can then try raising your body from the hips as far as you can do it comfortably and hold for long time intervals.

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Leg crunches

Leg crunches

This comfortably works for abdominal muscles. You must ensure that you use a time interval of 15 seconds and keep the vibration plate frequency at 14 to 20Hz. You start by sitting in the center of the vibration plate. Try to keep your bottom tucked under you and your weight is on it.

You should then place your hands behind you and make sure that they keep comfortable on the plate then add a bit of balance. Your elbows must at all times stay bent. This will require you to lean back a bit but ensure that your back is stable and kept straight.

You do this exercise by raising your legs as high as you can do comfortably. You should do this while you maintain a good posture for the upper body and you then hold for 15 seconds. Keeping the posture described above is very important because it keeps the weight load on your abdominals. It removes the load from the back and shoulders.

With the basic version of doing leg crunches down pat on a vibration plate, you can decide to vary the positions to suit your own desirable needs. This will depend on how frequently you carry out this exercise. You keep understanding the different muscles working and at what points.

If you have specific needs or wants, you use your experience to modify the exercise to suit those needs.

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Quad stretch

Quad stretch

This is done for the quadriceps and the hip flexor. It will take a time interval of 30 seconds and the frequency on the vibration plate should be 18 to 24Hz. This exercise gives an ultimate benefit by using a cushioned mat to do it.

If you lack a cushioned mat go for thicker trousers such as jogging trousers. You can also put on a blanket or a cushion. Start by facing away from the vibration plate and keep the knee resting on the padding.

The other leg should be positioned to hold your weight and ensure that you are stable.

Bring the hip on the side forward and it will be helpful in resting your hands on your supporting thigh. At all times, keep your back straight and your foot should be pointing forward.

When your position is ready and you are very stable, bend the knee from the leg on the plate for your lower legs to lift up.

You adjust the hip position and other knees to compensate. Keep your back straight and hold.

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