Water Removal Best Pool Cover Pumps

Water Removal Best Pool Cover Pumps
Water Removal Best Pool Cover Pumps

This is an automatic water removal pool cover pump with iSwitch technology that turns the pump on and off when it senses water. This is one of the best pool cover pumps that has been tested for durability. It is designed with an automatic freeze protection to prevent it from damages. The submersible water pump also features a strainer base that prevents clogging by filtering debris. Using Wayne pool water removal pump is simple since you don’t have to been there. Simply plug it in and leave unattended to remove the water.

The most outstanding aspect of this pump is its powerful motor that can remove up to 3000b gallons per minute. This makes it the best pool cover pumps that can remove water in a short time. The pump removes the excess water from your pool that results to heavy rain so the pool cover will not succumb to the pressure.


  • The pump is energy efficient
  • Automatic freeze technology prevents damages
  • Designed to last longer
  • Comes with a 25-foot rope to place the pump in the pool
  • iSwitch technology senses the presence of water
  • It is easy to handle
  • Removes more water faster


  • The pump works well but the low flow switch causes motor failure
  • It doesn’t turn on until the water is over 2 inches and this can leave water on your pool cover

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